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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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  • 'Warrior Monk' General Up For Central Command Post
    Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis' nomination is being considered Tuesday by the Senate Armed Services Committee. He is likely to face questions about remarks he made in 2005 about killing members of the Taliban.
  • In Afghanistan, Little Anger At Leaked Documents
    In Afghanistan, the release of the Wikileaks documents has elicited a much different response than the angry denunciations coming out of Washington and Islamabad. The Afghan government seems to have no objection at all about the leaking of so much classified information.
  • Conflict Widens In E-Books Publishing
    A top literary agency announced a deal with Amazon to publish electronic version of some of its authors' older titles without going through traditional publishing houses. That has publishers on the defensive.
  • A Novel Approach: Free Books For Donations
    The Concord Free Press has been publishing books and giving them away for the past two years. The Massachusetts-based publisher just asks readers to make a donation to a charity or a person in need and to chart the donation online. It also encourages readers to share the book with others.
  • College Students Hide Hunger, Homelessness
    A growing population of college students is facing hunger and homelessness as tuitions rise and the economy is slow to recover. UCLA has created an Economic Crisis Response Team to identify financially strapped students and help keep them in school.
  • Experts Fuss Over Cost Of Nuclear Fusion Research
    A group of nations, including the U.S., wants to invest in nuclear fusion as a source of energy. But adopting the process that fuels our sun to create power on Earth won't be easy -- or cheap. On Tuesday, the group called ITER will decide whether to spend another $17 billion on a lengthy experiment.
  • Political Combat Over A Fighter Jet's Engine
    Congress and the Obama administration are approaching a showdown over the new F-35 joint strike fighter. The Pentagon wants the jet to use a Pratt & Whitney engine. Congress wants an optional engine from GE and Rolls Royce -- and it keeps sticking money for the second engine into the Defense Department budget.
  • BP Seeks To Pay Spill Costs Through Taxes
    BP says that its costs from the oil spill will come out of taxes it pays to the government. BP announced Monday its quarterly financial results and said costs of the spill came to about $32 billion. But about $10 billion of that will be deducted from its tax bill.
  • Billionaire Nears Purchase Of Bridge To Ontario
    A Michigan billionaire is a step closer to owning a second bridge over one of the busiest border crossings in North America. But plans to build a second span between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, are still blocked by competing public and private interests.
  • Neighborly Lending In The Digital Age
    In these difficult economic times, many Americans are wary of buying items they'll use just once or twice and then store in the garage. But for those times you really need a hedge clipper or camping stove, there's, an inventory of items your neighbors are willing to lend.

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