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Friday, July 24, 2009

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  • Obama Presses His Health Care Preferences
    President Obama traveled to Ohio Thursday, continuing to call on Congress to act quickly to overhaul the nation's health care system. But even as the president spoke to an enthusiastic audience in Shaker Heights, Congress was taking steps to slow the process down.
  • Emanuel: Changes To Health System Take Time
    In an interview with NPR, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel acknowledges it is unlikely that Congress will meet an August deadline to finalize health care legislation. But, he says, he expects to have a bill by the end of the year "that controls costs, expands coverage and provides choice."
  • Twitter Seen As Tool For Social Change In China
    When Iranians used Twitter to get out news about their recent election, people took note in China. Compared with Iran, Twitter played a much smaller role in the recent ethnic clashes in western China. But many Chinese believe Twitter and its Chinese imitators, like Jiwai, have considerable potential to change their media and their society.
  • India's Airports A Window Into Its Quirks
    NPR's correspondent in India, Philip Reeves, reports on the quirks of Indian airports — and on the pre-flight frisking of a "very, very important person" that sent the media and parliament into a frenzy.
  • Director Kevin Smith Dishes On Comic-Con
    The largest pop-culture convention in the nation is under way in San Diego. Comic-Con runs through this weekend, and 125,000 people are expected to pass through each day. It's also become a marketing destination for the entertainment industry. To find out what draws so many to Comic-Con, Steve Inskeep talks with comic book aficionado and movie director Kevin Smith, whose films include Clerks and Chasing Amy.
  • Sergeant Who Arrested Gates Tells His Story
    The furor over the recent arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. erupted again Thursday following sharp criticism of the Cambridge Police Department by President Obama. Sgt. James Crowley, the man who arrested Gates in his home, says he's dismayed by the president's remarks — and insists he did nothing wrong.
  • Dealerships Give 'Cash For Clunkers' A Jump-Start
    The final details of the government program that encourages people to trade in older, gas-guzzling cars for more fuel-efficient ones will be released Friday. But car dealers have been using the program to sell cars for weeks.
  • Asian Trading Gets Boost From Earnings Reports
    Asian stock markets ended their trading day mostly higher Friday, following Thursday's jump in U.S. stock prices. As in the U.S., some large Asian corporations have announced relatively positive earnings. South Korean electronics maker Samsung reported its best quarterly profit in two years.
  • Microsoft Reports Drop In Annual Revenue
    Microsoft marked the end of its fiscal year Thursday with some grim news. The company reported its first-ever full decline in annual revenue.
  • Are Dairy Farmers A Dying Breed?
    California dairy farmer Joey Mendoza recently sold off his herd of cows because he's earning about half of what it costs to produce each gallon of milk. The USDA projects that this year's average milk price paid to dairy farmers will be the lowest since 1978.

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