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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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  • Study: Many Could Face Obstacles In Voter ID Laws
    A new report finds that millions of potential voters in states that require photo ID at the polls live more than 10 miles from the office that issue IDs. Nearly half a million of these people don't have access to a car or other vehicle. With the new requirements, "it certainly looks and feels like a poll tax," says one voter advocate.
  • For Olympic Committee, Marketing Is No Game
    Corporations pay a lot of money to be official Olympic sponsors, so there are strict rules about who can and can't use the games to promote their products — rules the Olympic Committee isn't shy about enforcing. Just ask a group of knitters who recently got a cease and desist letter from the USOC.
  • Elton John: Old Songs, Old Friends, New Perspectives
    In his new memoir Love Is the Cure, John says his struggles with addiction have left him stronger as both a man and a musician.
  • Keeping Kids Connected With Their Jailed Parents
    With one of the highest incarceration rates in the country, Arizona also has one of the highest percentages of children with a parent in prison. In rural Coconino County, 1 of every 28 minors has an incarcerated parent, and that county is helping families stay in touch without bringing kids inside prison walls.
  • Could The Health Law End Up Back In Court? Opponents Think So
    Some conservative scholars think they may have discovered a flaw that could send the law back to court, or at least cause some big problems for its implementation.
  • For Pirates, U.S. Courts Offer No Safe Harbor
    U.S. authorities are using laws dating to the 1700s in novel ways to combat piracy on the high seas, going after people who may never actually climb aboard a ship. The targets include men who negotiate and finance piracy plots as far away as the horn of Africa. And the strategy may be working.
  • Companies Beat Wall Street Expectations
    Investors have been prepared for a lot of sour news but some companies have done better than forecasts. So far, they include Coca-Cola which reported higher income than expected thanks to sales overseas. Mattel also came out with stronger earnings, and Goldman Sachs released earnings well above expectations.
  • Would-Be Homebuyers Appear To Be More Confident
    Is the U.S. housing sector about to make a comeback? Home builders apparently think so. Every month, the National Association of Home Builders publishes its housing market index. The July report shot up to its highest level in five years. It is, however, still well below historical averages.
  • Are Pagers Obsolete?
    These days, it is unusual to see people with pagers on their belts. The hot accessory and workplace essential has mostly been replaced by the cellphone. Pagers now are used primarily by people in the health care industry.
  • Canadians Are Wealthier Than Americans
    One big reason Canadians have pulled ahead, is the U.S. housing bust destroyed a lot of wealth. Home values in Canada have remained steady, and lately, they've even enjoyed a housing boom.

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