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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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  • Candidates Clash On Impact Of Offshore Drilling
    John McCain and Barack Obama agree that the price of oil is too high but differ on what to do about it. McCain would allow states to drill offshore for oil. Obama says such drilling wouldn't help lower prices anytime soon, but would have environmental consequences.
  • How One McCain Proposal Could Cut Fuel Costs
    Presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain have proposals for dealing with the tight supply of oil. But Bob Pindyck, a professor of economics and finance at MIT, says most of those proposals would make a limited difference at best — except for McCain's plan to remove the tariff on Brazilian ethanol.
  • Growing Pains In The Land Of Bollywood
    An influx of investment and new residents has brought great prosperity to the Indian metropolis of Mumbai, home to the Bollywood movie industry. However, with the emergence of "New" Mumbai, wealth disparities have been exposed and difficulties confronted.
  • Wisconsin Town's Federal Aid Tied Up In Floodwater
    Spring Green, Wis., is still underwater after last month's devastating floods in the Midwest. Officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency say they can only do damage assessments once the water recedes. That could take months, so some residents are pushing a plan to hasten the drainage.
  • Congress Overrides Bush Veto On Medicare Bill
    President Bush's veto of a Medicare bill didn't survive Congress. The House and Senate were able to easily override his attempt to strike down a bill that protects doctors from a more than 10 percent cut in their Medicare reimbursement rates. It was the third veto override of the Bush presidency.
  • Obama Campaign Works To Boost Latino Voter Rolls
    Hispanic voters could make the difference in a number of crucial swing states in November's presidential election. During the Democratic primaries, Latinos picked Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama by a margin of nearly 2-to-1. Part of the Obama campaign's strategy is encouraging Latinos to register to vote.
  • Sharp Fall In Oil Prices Helps To Steady Markets
    Deborah Amos has this morning's business news.
  • Gloomy Testimony From Treasury, Fed Chiefs
    Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson did his best to defend the department's rescue plan for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Tuesday on Capitol Hill, while Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered a downbeat summary of the problems facing the U.S. economy.
  • GM Targets White-Collar Jobs In Downsizing
    General Motors is making more cuts. White-collar retirees were told Tuesday not to count on supplemental health insurance after age 65. And the company is eliminating thousands of white-collar jobs. GM officials said they hope to accomplish the downsizing through attrition and buyouts.
  • Volkswagen To Build Plant In Tennessee
    Steve Inskeep has today's Last Word in business.

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