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Thursday, July 14, 2011

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  • Murdoch's News Corp. Still In Damage Control Mode
    Rupert Murdoch's media company has been under fire for a phone-hacking scandal in Britain. On Wednesday, News Corp. announced it was withdrawing a bid to buy full interest in the British broadcast company BSkyB. Murdoch has suffered a stunning loss of political influence in Britain.
  • Will News Corp.'s Scandal Spread To The U.S.?
    The phone-hacking charges involving Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has mostly been a British scandal. But the tentacles of his empire extend far beyond Britain. Ken Auletta, media writer for The New Yorker, talks to Mary Louise Kelly about the scope of the News Corp. media empire.
  • Mediterraneans Abandon Their Famous Diet
    The Mediterranean diet is not alive and well in 2011 — even in the seaside Italian town where it was first studied. Obesity rates in Italy are soaring, especially among young people. The heart of the problem: Even in Italy, healthy peasant food like fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil and fish isn't cheap.
  • Astronauts Enjoy NASA's Version Of Shrimp Cocktail
    What do astronauts eat aboard the space shuttle? Mary Louise Kelly and Steve Inskeep report on the culinary delights of space.
  • Strauss-Kahn's Cloudy Future In Politics
    Supporters of the former IMF chief argue he has suffered a great injustice, but their numbers seem to be dwindling. Now some in France say they are tired of the whole affair, and even if he avoids conviction, his political career is over.
  • Debt-Ceiling Deal? 'Hell, No Caucus' Stands Firm
    GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann and others are accusing President Obama of misleading the public about the consequences of a failure to raise the debt ceiling. But that position puts them at odds with the party's congressional leadership, which is warning of a "real catastrophe."
  • I-405's Closure Will Be A 'Nightmare' For L.A. Drivers
    Southern Californians are calling it "Carpocalypse" and "Carmagaddon." This weekend, Interstate 405 in Los Angeles will shut down completely for construction. The closure is causing a certain amount of panic.
  • Moody's To Review U.S. Credit For Possible Default
    The credit rating agency Moody's said it saw a "rising possibility" the U.S. would default on its Treasury debt obligations. Meanwhile, the president and congressional leaders are still trying to compromise on raising the debt ceiling.
  • Fed Official: It's Time For Rates To Go Up
    As negotiations continue over the nation's deficit and debt ceiling, Thomas Hoenig is calling on the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. Hoenig, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, says low rates have helped big banks but they're not allowing average people to save. Hoenig talks to Stave Inskeep about his ideas, and what they could mean for the economy.
  • British To Put HMS Ark Royal Up For Bids
    British defense officials are auctioning the old aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. A Hong Kong-based investment company has an idea for what to do with it, according to The Wall Street Journal. Eagle Vantage Asset Management plans to transform the decommissioned carrier into a high-end luxury mall.

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