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Monday, July 14, 2008

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  • U.S. Treasury, Fed Step In To Assist Freddie, Fannie
    A U.S. government plan to restore confidence in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would temporarily raise the Treasury Department's credit line to the two mortgage financiers. The idea is to shore up the companies' finances and keep money flowing to the mortgage market. What does this mean for mortgage holders and taxpayers?
  • Energy Proposals Top Capitol Hill Agenda
    Lawmakers are hearing about little else besides high gasoline prices, and that's what tops the Capitol Hill agenda this week. House Republican leader John Boehner is leading an "energy tour" that includes the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and Democrats are introducing plans to release oil from petroleum reserves.
  • Tensions Persist For Blacks, Latinos In New Orleans
    Economic competition between Latino and African-American residents has intensified in post-Katrina New Orleans. The tensions are a snapshot of challenges facing the presidential candidates.
  • Amateur Cyclist Samples Tour De France Course
    Cyclists continue their Pyrenees mountain climb Monday in Stage 10 of the Tour de France. Amateur cyclist Phil McGlade biked that stage just for fun ahead of Monday's run. He joins Steve Inskeep from Bordeaux, France, to talk about it.
  • Iraqis Press Harder For U.S. Withdrawal Timeline
    The debate over how long U.S. troops should stay in Iraq is heating up. Several Iraqi leaders are calling for a formal timetable on the withdrawal of U.S. troops. The Iraqis are angry over what they believe is American intent to build dozens of permanent bases in the country. U.S. officials deny the claim.
  • Iraqis: U.S. Contractors Block Refugee Applications
    A new U.S. law lets Iraqi employees who have risked their lives working for U.S. firms apply for refugee status in the United States. Some Iraqis tell NPR that U.S. contractors in Iraq reject requests for employment verification, thwarting the Iraqis' efforts to become eligible for the refugee program.
  • Anheuser-Busch OKs InBev's $52 Billion Buyout Bid
    Belgian brewer InBev announced Monday that it will buy American rival Anheuser-Busch for $52 billion. The merger would form the world's largest brewer and put the iconic American beer maker in the hands of the company that produces Stella Artois and Beck's beers.
  • Federal Reserve To Update Truth-In-Lending Rules
    The Federal Reserve Bank is expected to issue new rules Monday under the Truth in Lending Act. The goal is to protect homebuyers and to establish limits that will help revive the housing market.
  • Cost Of Health Care For Pets Soars
    Co-host Deborah Amos has today's Last Word in business.
  • Feds Move To Reassure Fannie, Freddie Investors
    The Federal Reserve says, if necessary, it is ready to make direct loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at the same rate charged to commercial banks. It's part of a plan unveiled Sunday to shore up the mortgage giants and reassure investors that the two institutions are sound.

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