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Thursday, July 2, 2009

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  • Marine General Takes Fight To The Taliban
    Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson, a veteran of Iraq, is leading the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade in its fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan. He exhorted his troops in a recent speech to besiege the enemy until the Taliban is dead or surrenders.
  • 'Long, Hot Summer' Ahead For U.S. Troops In Iraq
    Journalist Tom Ricks, who has written two books on Iraq, says even though U.S. troops are leaving Iraqi cities, their daily lives won't change too much.
  • Supreme Court Closes Deeply Divided Term
    As the words of the court's opinions settle into law books, a picture is emerging of a conservative court on a slow but steady march to the right. Yet the Supreme Court did not go as far this term as some liberals had feared.
  • More Care Means Better Health, But Not Always
    A new study finds that when Medicare expanded its prescription drug coverage, people did spend more on drugs. However, those who had little to no drug coverage beforehand reduced what they spent on going to doctors and hospitals.
  • Madoff Likely Won't Be Serving Time In 'Club Fed'
    A complex point system will partly determine which prison Bernard Madoff, who was sentenced to 150 years, will go to. Because of his long sentence, it is likely that Madoff will never see the minimum security work camps known as "Club Fed."
  • Investigative Reporters Move Outside Newsrooms
    As the newspaper industry shrinks, investigative reporters are taking jobs with unconventional news outlets, academia, government agencies and the corporate world.
  • New Grads May Have Leg Up On Older Job Seekers
    Recent college graduates are finding out that an economic downturn is not the best time to be searching for work. But they do have a leg up on older job hunters: It's a lot easier for a 22-year-old — unburdened by mortgage and kids — to go to where the work is.
  • The Joy Of Work: A Disabled Man's Quest For A Job
    Michael Medina is looking for a job that will make him as happy as he once was when he worked as a janitor. He's aided by a job coach from the Arc of San Francisco, part of a national nonprofit network that helps people with developmental disabilities find general employment.
  • Exxon Pays Interest On Valdez Oil Spill Damages
    Exxon has paid $470 million to more than 30,000 Alaskan fishermen, property owners and others affected by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The money is interest on a punitive award, and it's one of the final payments representing the end of the 20-year legal battle.
  • U.S. Military Launches 'Strike Of The Sword'
    The U.S. military launched a major operation centered in the volatile Helmand River Valley in southern Afghanistan. That's the center of the country's opium-growing region and one of the main strongholds of the Taliban.

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