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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

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  • McCain Calls on Congress to Lift Offshore Drilling Ban
    John McCain delivered a speech on energy policy Tuesday in Houston. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee said he wants to see more drilling off the U.S. coast. He also announced his long-term plan to seek out alternatives to oil, including wind, solar and nuclear power.
  • Energy Costs Drive Up Prices of Nearly Everything
    When oil prices go up, so do natural gas prices, and both increases have a ripple effect on the economy. Shampoo bottles, pantyhose, buttons — you name it, and it requires oil or gas to make it.
  • E-Mail, the Workplace and the Electronic Paper Trail
    E-mail and other electronic communications have dramatically changed the contemporary legal landscape. Some estimate that more than 90 percent of a lawsuit's cost can come from sorting through e-mails and other electronic documents.
  • Investigating Employees' E-Mail Use
    Co-host Steve Inskeep talks to Elizabeth Charnock, CEO of Cataphora. The California-based firm helps companies in legal matters by investigating patterns of employee e-mail use.
  • Israel Confirms Cease-Fire with Hamas
    Israel confirmed Wednesday that a cease-fire with Hamas will begin Thursday. Hamas, a militant group, currently rules the Gaza Strip. The truce was brokered by Egyptian officials.
  • Failure to End War Grates on House Speaker Pelosi
    One of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's greatest frustrations in the past 18 months has been the inability of Congress to cut funding for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And back home in Pelosi's San Francisco district, the inaction is regarded by some as betrayal.
  • Revamped Disabilities Rights Bill on Fast Track
    Here's something that you don't often see in civil rights law — two opponents agreeing on a law that would extend civil rights protection to millions of people. Lobbyists for people with disabilities and the business community have done that. Both sides are trying to get Congress and the White House to go along with it.
  • Dreamworks, India's Reliance Mull Movie Venture
    Co-host Steve Inskeep has this morning's business news.
  • Britannica Lets Online Visitors Suggest Revisions
    Encyclopedia Britannica is taking a page out of the Wikipedia playbook by allowing readers to make edits and contributions to the encyclopedia.
  • Class Tests Carbon Trading, With Troubling Results
    Cap-and-trade is considered one of the likeliest political solutions to global warming. The system sets up a market to trade carbon credits. Two professors at the University of California, Berkeley, let their students try the idea as part of a market simulation game. What the class learned may unsettle politicians and energy regulators alike.

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