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Morning Edition
Friday, June 11, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • DiplomaCollege offers fresh challenges for grads in grant program
    Nearly a decade ago, the Minneapolis Foundation promised a $10,000 college scholarship to more than 360 third graders in high-poverty schools in the Twin Cities through a program called Destination 2010.6:20 a.m.
  • Stretching with his playersA soccer pioneer's life after leaving the pro game
    The eyes of Minnesota soccer fans are on South Africa for the opening game of the 2010 World Cup later this morning. One of those fans is Buzz Lagos Many people know him as a founder and longtime coach of the Minnesota Thunder professional soccer team. Lagos now has a different, and some would say surprising, job.6:40 a.m.
  • Mark SeeleyWeather with Climatologist Mark Seeley
    University of Minnesota climatologist Mark Seeley discusses Minnesota weather history and looks ahead to the weekend forecast.6:55 a.m.
  • Unanswered questions remain after nurse strike
    Twin Cities nurses are expected to return to work today after participating in the largest nurses strike in the country's history. 12,000 nurses at 14 metro hospitals walked off the job for 24 hours. They're fighting to keep their pension benefits and increase staffing. Both sides still need to work out a new contract.7:25 a.m.
  • Graphic: Motorcycle fatalities in MinnesotaMotorcycle deaths in Minnesota down
    Minnesota roads were a lot safer last year -- especially for motorcyclists. A new report from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety shows motorcycle fatalities dropped 26 percent in 2009.8:25 a.m.
  • Walking to the strikeIssues remain after nurses strike
    Twin Cities nurses are expected to return to work Friday after participating in the largest nurses strike in the country's history.8:40 a.m.
  • Tim Pawlenty on 'The Daily Show'Pawlenty reaches out to new audience on 'The Daily Show'
    Gov. Tim Pawlenty is getting good reviews for his appearance on "The Daily Show" last night.8:45 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Gates Concedes Kandahar Operation Behind Schedule
    Defense Secretary Robert Gates is wrapping up a 10-day trip around the globe. He reassured some allies about the value of their contribution to the Afghan war -- while pressuring others to do more. Gates said he needs to see progress in the war by the end of the year.
  • CIA, Military Rely Heavily On Predator Drones
    One issue that Defense Secretary Gates has been pressed on during his global tour, has been drones. Those are unmanned aircraft used to target suspected terrorists along Pakistan's border. A critical U.N. report raised questions about a weapon that is a key part of U.S. war fighting. Peter Singer, of the Brookings Institution, tells Deborah Amos that Predadors are being used more and more.
  • Drug Courts Confront Relaxed Attitudes Toward Pot
    Medical marijuana is legal in 14 states, and advocates would like to expand that or legalize pot altogether. But the judges, lawyers and therapists who work in drug courts say changing attitudes make it harder to convince people that marijuana is a problem.
  • Boats Head To Pick Up Stranded Teen Sailor
    A rescue effort is under way for Abby Sunderland, 16, who was attempting to sail around the world solo. An Airbus A330 spotted her boat in an upright position and made contact with her via radio. A spokesman says she's doing fine after running into rough seas.
  • South Africa Celebrates Even Before First Game
    For the past three days, the soccer World Cup has drawn thousands to the streets -- 185,000 in Johannesburg to cheer the national team Wednesday, and more than that to attend and watch the simulcast of the kickoff concert Thursday night. The national team plays Mexico on Friday.
  • Schwarzenegger: Open Elections Can Change Politics
    In an interview with NPR's Steve Inskeep, the California governor said the passage of Proposition 14, which moves the top two vote-getters to the general election regardless of party, will benefit candidates like him.
  • In This Big Screen Adaptation, 'A' Is For Action
    The A-Team doesn't survive the transition from semi-beloved '80s TV series to 21st-century action movie. Exotic explosions, cascading cars and other excesses turn director Joe Carnahan's adaptation into a chaotic feature-length trailer.
  • Obama To Meet Top BP Executives Next Week
    President Obama and top BP officials will discuss the company's response to the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama has been making harsh public statements against the company. He's expected to pressure BP to cut the stock dividend it normally pays shareholders, and use the money toward cleanup efforts.
  • Air France To Fly 'Superjumbo' From Paris To London
    Air France will begin using the world's largest passenger plane for a very short hop, starting Saturday. The flight between Paris and London takes 25 minutes. Critics say the plan does not make economic or environmental sense.
  • Driving Force Helps Grad Shift Gears, Land Job
    Since his freshman year in college, Duwain Pinder was focused on getting a job on Wall Street. But when the financial crisis shattered that dream, he put all his energy into landing a job in management consulting. His drive helped him land a job as a business analyst for McKinsey & Co.

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