Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Monday, June 9, 2008

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Al FrankenDFLers, GOP agree Franken is a great choice
    DFL endorsed Senate candidate Al Franken today sets out on a four-day, two dozen city statewide campaign swing.7:20 a.m.
  • Kerper DwanyenLiberians tell stories of torture, pain
    Minnesota will host Liberians from across the United States who are coming here to describe their lives since they fled their homeland.7:25 a.m.
  • The many signs of St. CloudSt. Cloud debates banning portable signs
    Plenty of businesses in St. Cloud use portable signs for advertising. But city officials are considering banning the signs. Many people consider the signs, with their neon lettering, downright ugly.7:50 a.m.
  • Markets with Chris Farrell
    Minnesota Public Radio's chief economics correspondent Chris Farrell discusses oil prices and other economic news.7:55 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Fear of Exposure Leads to Compromises in Myanmar
    Reporting from Myanmar, a country tightly controlled by its military, presents challenges not found elsewhere. Reporters operate on a tourist visa and don't want to be identified because of the climate of fear that pervades the nation.
  • Book Examines Looming Pension Debts in America
    Business journalist Roger Lowenstein talks about his new book, While America Aged, which looks at how corporations and governments came to make pension and health care obligations to workers — and what is happening as the bills come due.
  • 'Hypermilers': Squeezing Out Every Mile Per Gallon
    With gas prices relentlessly soaring, Americans are being forced to rethink their driving habits. Members of a group known as "hypermilers" strive to boost their cars' miles per gallon by changing their behavior behind the wheel.
  • Smugglers' Hero Status Hampers Cartel Crackdown
    Mexico is in the midst of a fierce drug battle. Since President Felipe Calderon declared war on the smuggling gangs, violence has increased in many regions, including the western state of Sinaloa, where smugglers are revered as heroes.
  • Vieques' Growth Threatens Bioluminescent Bay
    It has been five years since the U.S. Navy left the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. Now the area is becoming commercially developed, and that is threatening one of the world's brightest bioluminescent bays.
  • Oil Prices Hover Around $138 a Barrel
    Oil prices have come down a little from Friday's eye-popping $11 jump, but not much. In overseas trading, oil prices are still hovering between $137 and $138 a barrel. On Friday, they flew past $139.
  • Apple to Announce iPhone Updates
    It's been almost a year since the iPhone hit stores. Since the iPhone's launch, Apple hasn't made many changes to the wildly popular device, but that could be about to change. Apple is under pressure to keep innovating and boost sales. It's expected to announce details of a new iPhone on Monday.
  • States Seize Stimulus Checks to Pay Back Taxes
    As the federal stimulus checks are sent out, not everyone who qualifies will receive one. That's because they owe back taxes to the state. Georgia is among states that participate in the federal "offset" program that allows states to take all, or part, of federal tax refunds if a resident owes back taxes.
  • AC/DC's Next CD Available Only at Wal-Mart
    The rock bank AC/DC has struck a deal to sell its upcoming album only at Wal-Mart. The album doesn't have a title yet, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting the deal, between the discount retailer and AC/DC's label, Columbia Records.
  • Clinton's Speech: High Points and the Road Ahead
    Now that Hillary Clinton has suspended her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, the party is trying to heal its wounds from the brutal nominating contest. NPR's David Greene talks about what's next for Clinton and whether she can get her supporters to back Barack Obama.

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