Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Thursday, June 7, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • More worries than just cancerHealth Department says East Metro cancer rates are not higher than average
    Public health officials say cancer rates in Washington and Dakota counties are virtually identical to rates found elsewhere in Minnesota. The agency hopes the findings will alleviate some of the concerns of East Metro residents who have perfluorinated chemicals in their drinking water.6:47 a.m.
  • Bus stop camerasSt. Paul targets downtown drug dealing
    St. Paul police say they're on their way to cleaning up a big drug problem downtown. On Wednesday, officials announced that they've arrested and charged 20 people and expect to pick up another 80 in the coming days.7:20 a.m.
  • FlowersFarmers' markets boom across Minnesota
    Farmers' markets have been sprouting up nationwide. In 1994, there were close to 1,800. Now, there are over well over double that. In Minnesota, farmers' markets are appearing across the state.7:50 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Putin Offers to Base U.S. Missile Shield in Azerbaijan
    Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a surprise offer during a meeting with President Bush in Germany: base a U.S. missile shield in Azerbaijan instead of Eastern Europe.
  • U.S. Commander: Troop Surge Working in Baghdad
    Maj. Gen. Joseph Fil, commander of U.S. forces in Baghdad, says since the increase of troops in Iraq nearly four months ago, U.S. forces have gotten control of one-third of Baghdad. He says that attacks by Shiite extremists are on the rise, in part due to some influence they have on Iraqi security forces. By September he hopes to have a majority of the city under control.
  • Six Day War: Land Ownership Disputes Arise
    The end of the 1967 war and the beginning of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip brought dramatic changes to the lives of both Palestinians and Israelis. In the West Bank, Israel confiscated large chunks of agricultural land where settlements were eventually built.
  • Former NATO Leader Says Taliban Weakened
    Dutch Maj. Gen. Ton van Loon, who commanded NATO forces in southern Afghanistan until last month, says the Taliban is no longer in control there. He says despite the determination of militia, conditions in that part of the country are improving.
  • TB Patient, Officials Testify with Differing Accounts
    Capitol Hill held hearings Wednesday on TB patient Andrew Speaker's transatlantic trips last month, which had sparked an international public health scare. While the hearings provided some answers, there are still major discrepancies between Speaker's account and that of health officials.
  • A Different Tale of TB in Kenya
    A Kenyan-born doctor describes his father's death from TB in Africa and compares it to the Andrew Speaker case. Commentator Pius Kamau says overcrowding, malnutrition, and poor hygiene contributed to the spread of TB in Kenya. He says his father received what little treatment was available and suffered a prolonged illness.
  • 'Wall Street Journal' May Garner Another Suitor
    Brian Tierney, a private investor who led a group that bought the Philadelphia Inquirer , told the The Wall Street Journal that he may make a counter-bid for Dow Jones & Co., the company that owns the paper.
  • Inflation Concerns Check Market
    The U.S. stock market is sputtering a bit this week amid investors' concerns that inflation may be on the march. The Dow Jones Industrial average began slumping Tuesday and fell again Wednesday by 130 points. The two-day downturn stands in contrast to the long bull market that has pushed many stocks to new highs.
  • Trial Lawyer Lerach May Step Down
    William Lerach, one of the nation's most powerful trial lawyers, has announced he may retire. He has made millions by suing businesses on behalf of shareholders. Last year Lerach's old firm, Milberg Weiss, was indicted for allegedly paying illegal kickbacks to some of its investor-clients.
  • Bob Barker Leaves 'The Price Is Right'
    Bob Barker taped his final episode after 35 years as host of The Price Is Right. Fans slept outside the CBS studio in the hopes of getting a seat. Rumors were flying that Barker would give away cars to everyone in the audience. But only one lucky contestant got a car.

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