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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

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  • Gov. Walker Survives Recall, Vows To Unite Wisconsin
    Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat, conceded to Republican Governor Scott Walker Tuesday night. Democrats and labor unions tried to oust Walker in response to his push to strip public employee unions of bargaining rights.
  • European Debt Woes Cast Pall Over U.S. Economy
    Austerity measures aimed at curing Europe's debt crisis have thrown a number of eurozone countries into recession. The threat of default in Greece, and in even larger countries like Spain, rattled U.S. financial markets. President Obama recently said the troubles in Europe are casting a shadow over the U.S. economy.
  • Grad Who Beat The Odds Asks, Why Not The Others?
    Growing up in the South Bronx, Juan Carlos Reyes' dream was to be a doorman in Manhattan. A college degree has helped him achieve much more, but Reyes is convinced his success is an aberration — and that few of his peers will ever achieve the American dream.
  • 'My Country': tUnE-yArDs Questions The American Dream
    For singer Merrill Garbus, the idea that hard work leads to success in America is deeply suspect.
  • Why Does Airline Food Taste So Bad?
    It turns out it's tough to make food that tastes good at 35,000 feet. The decreased humidity in the cabin dries out your nose, and the increased cabin pressure numbs taste buds. So what's an airline chef to do? Chef Clifton Lyles of Alaska Airlines wants to change the perception of airline food.
  • Once Tolerated, Alcohol Now Creates Rift In Tunisia
    Before Tunisia's revolution last year, alcohol was broadly accepted in the country, considered one of the more secular Arab states. But as Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep reports, Islamists are gaining influence and that has created a debate on how the country should deal with drinking.
  • Spain's Industrial Output Falls In April
    Spanish factory and mine production had its worst month in more than two years — dropping by more than 8 percent. Spain is in its second recession since 2009, and eurozone nations are concerned its troubled banks might need a capital boost. This anxiety is causing headaches for banks in Germany. Six German banks had their credit ratings cut by Moody's Wednesday.
  • Romney Keeps Auto Industry Bailout Hot Button Issue
    Republican Mitt Romney told the Detroit News, that if he's elected president, he would make sure the government sells its stake in General Motors — even if it's for a loss. Romney says President Obama is delaying the sale to avoid an embarrassing loss to taxpayers. A White House spokesman said Romney isn't credible on the auto industry since he opposed the bailout that rescued GM and Chrysler.
  • States End Extended Benefits Despite Dismal Outlook
    So far this year, 25 states have ended the extended benefits that allowed the long-term unemployed to continue getting benefits. With more states ending the program, it might appear that the economy is improving. But in some state, it just shows things haven't gotten that much worse.
  • 'Happy Days' Cast Battles For Unpaid Royalties
    Several cast members are asking for millions of dollars they say is their fair share of revenues from T-shirts, DVDs and other Happy Days merchandise. The lawsuit was sparked when one of the actors saw the show's characters' on slot machines at a casino. CBS and Paramount tried to dismiss the claim, but a judge has cleared the way for the case to go to trial.

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