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Monday, May 28, 2007

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  • U.S., Iran See Need for Stable Iraq
    U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker met his Iranian counterpart in Baghad Monday to discuss security in Iraq. Tensions between the U.S. and Iran are high, but both nations seem to realize that cooperation on Iraq is of mutual benefit.
  • Iraq Study Group Report May Resurface
    The White House now has four more months of funding for the war in Iraq. But September offers another focal point for a debate over the direction of the war. The Iraq Study Group's report — initially ignored — may yet provide a framework.
  • Bird's Eye Photographer Shoots from His Cessna
    Aerial photographer Michael Collier captures radiant landscape images of the Earth from a single-engine airplane, all the while steering the aircraft with his feet.
  • Return of Ring Stirs Memories of a Past War
    In 1968, Jim Setzer gave his high-school ring to his girlfriend. They planned to marry, but broke it off when he was drafted. The ring, lost for years, was recently found in a schoolyard and returned to Setzer. He reflects on the ring and the Vietnam era.
  • Tomb Raiders Threaten Mayan City's History
    In archaeological sites throughout the world, antiquities are plundered for sale. U.S. agents says the looting is epidemic. One archaeologist working in Guatemala has launched a battle to save an ancient city from looters.
  • White House Hopefuls Focus on Money
    Presidential candidates are using the Memorial Day holiday to raise cash. Reports so far show the three top Democratic contenders with 35 percent more money than the three top GOP contenders. The next deadline for fundraising reports is a month away.
  • Music Sites Fight Higher Royalty Fees
    Tim Westergren's Pandora Radio site and others like it allow users to determine musical programming tailored to their tastes. Music companies want to charge such sites higher royalties. Westergren says that's a major threat to Internet radio.
  • Web Sites Touting Low Local Gas Prices Popular
    This summer is expected to be great for business for Web sites that find low gas prices, such as As gasoline prices rise, and the summer driving season gets going, that site is getting more and more hits. Drivers enter their zip code, and get a list of gas stations with the lowest prices in the area. But these sites rely on volunteer activists who monitor local gas prices. In gas buddy lingo, they're known as "spotters."
  • Pluses, Minuses for Democratic Congress
    What has Congress accomplished in the five months since Democrats took control of the Senate and House? On the war in Iraq, less than many voters hoped. On other issues, some progress can be cited. And partisanship remains prevalent.
  • Spanish-Language Media Targets Immigration Debate
    A year ago, Spanish language radio and TV were the driving forces behind major immigration rallies in the U.S. As Congress tries to pass a bill overhauling immigration laws, those same media outlets are trying to shape the political debate.

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