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Monday, May 18, 2009

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  • Obama Calls For 'Open Minds' Amid Abortion Debate
    President Obama tackled the divisive issue of abortion Sunday, urging people on all sides of the debate to seek common ground. Less noteworthy than what he said is where he said it: the University of Notre Dame, which drew criticism for inviting the president, whose support for abortion rights is at odds with church doctrine.
  • Republicans Court NRA Conventioneers
    An estimated 50,000 people attended the National Rifle Association's annual meeting over the weekend in Phoenix. Republican politicians and operatives stirred the party's base to fight gun control. President Obama has said he respects Second Amendment rights and favors "common sense" gun laws.
  • Morocco Campaigns Against Shiite Minority
    In Morocco, a campaign against the country's Shiite minority has seen associations and schools closed and hundreds of individuals rounded up by the police. Morocco has charged that Iran is trying to spread its Shiite faith in largely Sunni Morocco. The campaign comes amid flaring sectarian tensions in a number of Middle East and North African states.
  • Wimbledon's Centre Court Gets A Roof
    The Wimbledon Tennis Championships will have a very different look this year. The Centre Court, where all the finals are played, has the benefit of a new retractable roof — ending "rain stopped play."
  • Swine Flu: How Worried Should We Be?
    The new virus has caused anxiety around the world, though sufferers say it feels just like regular flu. Scientists are now asking what we've learned from this outbreak that will help if the virus comes back with a vengeance next year.
  • Study: Acupuncture Helps Ease Back Pain
    Acupuncture can help reduce lower back pain, according to a new study. But there's still an East-West divide over how it works. Some say it may be manipulating chi. Others say a more subtle neurobiological process is at work.
  • Toyota Rolls Out New Prius Hybrid
    The latest model of the popular gasoline-electric hybrid will need to fend off tough new competition from Honda. Toyota used to dominate the hybrid market. But Honda's new Insight became the first hybrid to top the best-sellers' list in Japan last month.
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings Moving Quickly For Chrysler
    Chrysler's journey through bankruptcy is going more smoothly than some expected. A top Chrysler executive says a slimmed down, healthier version of the company could emerge from bankruptcy as early as next month.
  • Are Expansions Paying Off For Museums?
    The Art Institute of Chicago has opened its new modern wing. It caps a wave of museum expansions that began in the '90s when cities across the country built lavish new wings. Bruce Altshuler, director of New York University's Museum Studies Program, discusses whether the expansions are paying off.
  • Howard Steamboat Museum Collecting Lincolns
    The Howard Steamboat Museum in Jeffersonville, Ind., is funding its capital campaign with Lincolns. It is collecting pennies or $5 bill — any denomination with Abraham Lincoln on it. The museum needs $10,000 for a new heating and air conditioning system — plus fire detectors.

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