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Monday, May 12, 2008

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  • Relief Worker: Second Crisis Looms in Myanmar
    Relief supplies have been dribbling into Myanmar more than a week after a huge cyclone struck the Southeast Asian nation. The storm's official death toll is approaching 30,000. Andrew Kirkwood, director of Myanmar operations for Save the Children, talks about the latest developments.
  • Volcanic Eruption Forces Evacuations in Chile
    Volcanic ash is raining down on Chile, 10 days after an eruption occurred for the first time in thousands of years. People in the area were evacuated. The volcano eruption has turned lakes and rivers white and coated plants in a dense layer of ash.
  • Fighting Subsides in Lebanon
    After five days of fighting, Lebanon is largely quiet Monday. The streets of Beirut, which have been the focus of bloody sectarian clashes between Sunnis and Shiites, have been largely deserted. The violence has done nothing to resolve Lebanon's long-running political crisis.
  • American Indian Boarding Schools Haunt Many
    The U.S. government operated 100 boarding schools for American Indians on and off reservations. One expert says the schools were part of a strategy to conquer Indians. Students who attended them were required to talk and dress as mainstream Americans.
  • Tornado Devastates Oklahoma Superfund Town
    Picher, Okla., was once among the nation's largest Superfund sites. It was a town prone to cave-ins, from years of overzealous mining. The federal government was in the process of buying out the people who hadn't left yet. Over the weekend, Picher was destroyed by a tornado, and it's unlikely anyone will rebuild.
  • How Clinton Handles Her Candidacy's Historic Nature
    When the going has gotten tough during Hillary Clinton's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination — gender politics have been a lifeline. Clinton's gender has helped her rally female votes and money. But Clinton hasn't talked too much about being a woman running for president.
  • Political Comebacks: The Art of the Putdown
    Politicians are known for delivering a scripted message. Those who stray far from their prepared remarks often find themselves in trouble. But a select few who dare — think Winston Churchill or Daniel Webster — can make a point with their quick wit.
  • Cablevision Beats Murdoch's Bid for Newsday
    The New York cable company Cablevision plans to buy one of the area's major newspapers, Newsday, based on Long Island. Last week, it looked like Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. would buy Newsday, but Cablevision offered more money: $650 million.
  • U.S. Postal Rates Go Up a Penny
    U.S. postal rates go up a penny Monday. The number of letters being mailed is down, but costs are up, especially for gasoline.
  • Denver Drivers Learn How to Boost Fuel Economy
    Around 400 Denver residents, including the city's mayor, are part of an experiment to see if drivers can be trained to drive "greener." A device in their cars will track whether they have bad driving habits that increase fuel consumption, thus contributing more to greenhouse gas emissions.

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