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Monday, May 9, 2011

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  • Memphis Prepares For Historic Flooding
    The Mississippi River and its tributaries continue to rise. In Memphis, Tenn., hundreds of homes already are underwater and thousands of people have moved to higher ground. Floodwaters there are expected to crest Tuesday just under the record level set in 1937.
  • Army Corps Makes Tough Calls With Floods
    The decision last week by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to blast a levee in southeast Missouri has drawn criticism. When it comes to floods, actions by the Corps bring controversy.
  • Inside The United States' Secret Sabotage Of Iran
    For years, the United States has been trying to stop Iran's nuclear program and change what it says is Iran's bad behavior in the Middle East and beyond. While the U.S. has had little success with economic sanctions and military threats, it has made headway with cyberattacks and other covert activities.
  • Werner Herzog's 'Cave Of Forgotten Dreams'
    There's an underground cave in the south of France with contents so valuable a big steel door guards the entrance. Director Werner Herzog's new documentary, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, is about that treasure. The Chauvet cave paintings are the oldest cave paintings on record.
  • Dallas Knocks Lakers Out Of NBA Playoffs
    The Los Angeles Lakers have won the last two NBA championships. They won't add to that this year. The Lakers were swept by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of the playoffs.
  • Can Diets Fight Chronic Pain? The Science Isn't There
    Diets and supplements that claim to cure inflammation from everyday aches and pains, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's and cancer aren't supported by much scientific evidence. The biggest impact of any diet on arthritis pain may have more to do with calories than antioxidants.
  • Tattoo Ink Stained By Safety Concerns
    Tattoos and permanent makeup are more popular than ever. Health officials are now looking at whether salons that do them are mixing their inks with harmful substances. The FDA also says it's starting to see an increase in consumer complaints about infections and other reactions to inks.
  • Japan Temporarily Closes Hamaoka Nuclear Plant
    Executives at a nuclear plant west of Tokyo say they will shut down the facility's three reactors. The Japanese government requested the closure. It's been surveying the country's 50 or so reactors, following the Fukushima disaster, to determine their vulnerability to earthquakes and tsunamis.
  • Lithium Battery Industry Keeps Going, And Going ...
    From cellphones to laptops to electric cars, lithium is the metal of choice for battery makers. In his book, Bottled Lightning, Seth Fletcher explores new applications of the light, cheap metal and investigates what he calls the "lithium economy."
  • Internet Farmers Get A Chance At The Real Thing
    A popular game on Facebook — called Farmville — has turned tens of millions of people into Internet farmers. They plant crops, tend livestock and make other agricultural decisions. A website in the U.K. called MyFarm is allowing virtual farmers to get a taste of reality, by letting them help run a true brick-and-soil farm.

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