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Thursday, May 8, 2008

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  • With Six Primaries to Go, Clinton Defies Calls to Quit
    Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail Thursday. The results of Tuesday's primaries have made her path to winning the Democratic presidential nomination more difficult, but the New York senator is ignoring calls to leave the race.
  • Will Obama's Latest Primary Results Win Delegates?
    Barack Obama's big win in North Carolina and Hillary Clinton's slim victory in Indiana may finally nudge some undeclared superdelegates to make a decision. More than 80 Democrats in Congress have not yet declared who they're supporting. Barack Obama is in Washington, D.C., Thursday trying to win some of them over to his side.
  • Thousands Flee Sadr City as Troops, Militants Clash
    Iraqi civilians are fleeing Baghdad's embattled Sadr City as U.S.-backed forces are preparing to launch a new push against Shiite militias.
  • Republicans Threaten to Delay Vote on War Funding
    It looks like the House vote on funding for the Iraq war may be delayed. The measure was supposed to be voted on Thursday but Republicans are stalling the process. GOP lawmakers are upset that they were excluded from drawing up the bill.
  • Coup Plot Uncovered in Tiny, Oil-Rich African Nation
    The opposition leader of Equatorial Guinea is in a Spanish jail. Severo Moto was arrested in connection with an alleged plot to overthrow the oil-rich country's government using a shipment of weapons intercepted in Spain. Equatorial Guinea is Africa's third largest exporter of crude oil.
  • For Prospective Moms, Biology and Culture Clash
    The average age of mothers is steadily rising as more women wait to have children until after attending college and starting a career. But how long is too long to wait?
  • Laptop Makers to Raise Prices
    During the past decade, HP and Dell have kept laptop prices low by forcing their Taiwanese manufacturers to absorb rising costs. But on Thursday, the Financial Times quotes the head of one of the Taiwanese companies saying "we'll be raising prices for the first time."
  • Costs Up, So Dry Cleaners Want Their Hangers Back
    Wire hangers have become more expensive since the government set import tariffs on cheaper hangers from China. Dry cleaning operators nationwide are asking customers to return their hangers to help keep costs down.
  • EarthLink Dropping Philadelphia's Wireless Network
    EarthLink is threatening to turn off Philadelphia's municipal wireless network if the parties can't agree to a takeover plan. The city's wireless network was supposed to be a model for cities around the country and an example of how to bridge the digital divide. But the network has been plagued by delays and spotty service.
  • Auction Gets $11,000 for Tea with Greenspan
    A human rights group has been holding a fundraising auction including the prize of tea with former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan. Bids for the rare opportunity went to $11,000. When Greenspan auctioned himself off last year, the winning bidder paid $45,000.

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