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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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  • Obama On Budget Negotiations: No Time For Games
    The government faces a shutdown this weekend if Democrats and Republicans can't reach agreement on the current federal budget. And while the White House and Congressional leaders jousted over a few million dollars, GOP Rep. Paul Ryan offered up a proposal to trim more than $4 trillion out of next year's budget.
  • California Gov. Seeks Public Vote On Tax Increases
    California Gov. Jerry Brown has broken off budget talks with the state Legislature, rekindling fears that the state will not be able to back away from the fiscal abyss. John Myers of member station KQED has details.
  • Dead Heat In Wis. Supreme Court Race
    Tuesday's election for a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge is seen as a test of sentiment over the Republican governor's recent law stripping public employees unions of collective bargaining rights. The conservative-leaning incumbent is locked in a dead heat with his more liberal challenger — who, supporters believe, might vote to strike down the law when legal challenges reach the state's high court.
  • Tina Brown's Must-Reads: How Places Shape People
    The Newsweek editor highlights a book and a pair of articles that turn on the effect of particularly unique places on people — from the sensibilities of an NYPD officer to two countries in the Middle East pushed to the brink by their leaders.
  • At 40, 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' Still Belongs
    The 1971 single that launched John Denver's career almost never was. Songwriter Bill Danoff recalls how he hesitated to play the song for Denver when the singer visited his Washington, D.C., apartment. The chart-topper became the unofficial anthem of West Virginia.
  • Italian PM Berlusconi A No-Show As Sex Trial Begins
    Neither the 74-year-old prime minister nor the young woman involved showed up in court Wednesday, and the judge ruled it an unexcused absence. The trial, dubbed Rubygate, will resume May 31. The prosecution intends to show a sordid side of the conservative politician, while Berlusconi insists he is the victim of a leftist plot to topple him from power.
  • Rebels Retreat Again; Leader Blames NATO
    Despite support from NATO aircraft, rebels in eastern Libya have failed to gain ground against forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi. Tuesday, in fact, the rebels staged another small retreat from the oil port of Brega in the face of a heavy bombardment from Gadhafi loyalists. Meantime, in their self-styled capital of Benghazi, rebel leaders met with a U.S. envoy.
  • In Tsunami's Wake, Tough Choices For Japan's Elderly
    The government must soon decide whether to rebuild some two-dozen destroyed seaside cities and towns in the northeast, or move the residents to higher ground elsewhere. Relocation, if it happens, will be hardest on the elderly. Some say they just want to go back to their hometowns — which, in many cases, no longer exist.
  • DISH Network Makes Bid For Blockbuster
    Blockbuster was on the block Tuesday night, and — according to Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal — the winning bidder was the DISH network. The satellite TV company offered $320 million.
  • Is Greece In Danger Of Losing Treasured Sites?
    Greece is hoping to raise tens of billions of dollars by selling off state assets, mostly real estate, to help keep it from defaulting on its international sovereign debt. The sell-off was part of an agreement reached with the European Union and International Monetary Fund in exchange for better repayment terms on loans. Some German politicians say Greece should sell the Acropolis or even some Aegean islands to get cash, but the Greek government says that's never going to happen. Yet some Greeks still worry the debt crisis could put national treasures at risk.

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