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Monday, April 4, 2011

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  • In Yemen, Calls To Oust President Persist
    Renee Montagne talks with Washington Post correspondent Sudarsan Raghavan about the latest developments in Yemen, where thousands of people have been marching to call for the president's ouster.
  • In Libya's West, Gadhafi Reasserts Control
    Rebels continue to battle government forces around the Mediterranean oil port of Brega. Much of the eastern part of Libya is under rebel control, but in most of the west, Moammar Gadhafi has the upper hand. The most sizable exception is the city of Misurata — and it's a battle zone.
  • Professors Face Scrutiny Over Labor Standoff
    An open records request by a conservative think tank in Michigan seeks all emails related to the collective bargaining standoff in Wisconsin from labor studies professors at three public universities. The request came just days after the Republican Party of Wisconsin made a similar request of a professor at that state's flagship university in Madison. The professors in question say the requests are highly unusual, smack of McCarthyism and are an attack on academic freedom. Republicans counter that they don't need to give a reason for such "routine" requests and call it chilling that they would come under fire for "lawfully seeking information about their government."
  • N.Y. Library Offers Free Access To Fashion Trove
    New York is known for its multibillion-dollar fashion scene. Now, seeing how it all began is much more affordable. A free digital database of all things fashion, from corsets to Valentino, launches this week at the New York Public Library. The fashion directory once cost a premium to peruse.
  • Celebrating Spring Amid Devastation In Tokyo
    The city's governor discouraged gatherings for cherry-blossom viewing in light of the earthquake and tsunami devastation. But hanami is about reflecting on beauty amid pain, the transience of life and the importance of friends, and residents thronged to parks as usual to sip sake and recite haiku poetry despite the governor's somber advice.
  • Being Bilingual May Boost Your Brain Power
    Many believe that learning more than one language from birth confuses children. But researchers say the evidence to the contrary is quite strong: Being bilingual is a form of mental exercise that is beneficial for the brain.
  • Web Communities Help Patients With Rare Diseases
    Most Americans have looked for health information on the Web. But some "super-users" have used the Web to find others with rare diseases, connect with researchers — and even find new treatments.
  • Oil Prices Hit 2.5-Year High; BP To Resume Gulf Drilling
    Crude oil is trading at more than $108 a barrel, the highest price since the financial crisis hit. Analysts say oil is up because of fears about Libya, and also Iran's refusal to support an increase in production. In other oil news, BP plans to start drilling again in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Life 'In The Plex': The Future Of Google
    Steven Levy, author of In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives, says the Internet giant's new CEO, Larry Page, will do things differently from his predecessor. But Page's values have always been the core values of the company he co-founded as a young Stanford postgraduate, Levy says.
  • IKEA Ads Portray Clutter As Battle Of The Sexes
    IKEA's ad agency claims that clutter and household messes are among the most common causes of fights in the home. So the world's biggest furniture retailer is trying to stoke an age-old war between the sexes in order to sell its storage products. Its provocative new marketing campaign in Great Britain has punch lines like "the only thing a woman will ever clear out is your bank account," and "the only thing a man will clear out is his Internet history."

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