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Morning Edition
Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Full parking lot at the grocery storeFlood life limited to essentials-only activities
    This morning city officials in Fargo and Moorhead want people to keep travel at a minimum. They want to keep streets clear for flood fighting crews and emergency vehicles, especially during the snowstorm that'll make for dangerous driving conditions. These precautions have made for quiet cities on both sides of the Red River.6:20 a.m.
  • Osman AhmedRelatives of missing Somali men use homeland ties in search
    Families of some of the young Somali-American men who are thought to be fighting with Islamic extremists in the Horn of Africa are trying their own methods to bring them safely home. They've turned to friends in the new Somali government and U.S. officials at neighboring embassies to help.6:50 a.m.
  • North Dakota State vs. KansasTV basketball mesmerizes Minnesotans
    Next weekend is the NCAA men's and women's basketball tournament Final Four. And after a frenzied season of TV basketball, tens of thousands of Minnesota basketball addicts are going to be asking themselves: "Now what?"6:55 a.m.
  • Arrow Buick/Pontiac/GM in Inver Grove Heights, MNMinn. auto dealers optimistic about Obama plan
    Car dealers in Minnesota are expressing optimism about President Obama's plan to jump-start domestic auto sales. The plan includes a promise that the government will stand behind domestic car makers' warranties.7:20 a.m.
  • Military vehicles naviate over flood watersSmall towns around rising Red fighting too
    The Red River has reached its first crest and is slowly subsiding in Fargo and Moorhead, but the river is still rising as it roars further north. People in places like Perley, Halstad and Shelly are still sandbagging and biting their fingernails. In their towns, the Red River isn't expected to crest for a few days.7:25 a.m.
  • Mike Mattson shovels his driveway in FargoWinter storm complicating flood fight
    Another four to five inches of snow is expected to fall in the Fargo -Moorhead area today. The snow is making it difficult to get around and monitor the dikes which are holding back flood waters from the Red River.7:45 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • One-Day Meeting Hopes To Boost Afghanistan
    More than 70 nations are meeting in The Hague Tuesday to discuss Afghanistan. The conference brings together Afghanistan's neighbors and all nations that contribute NATO troops in the effort to oust the Taliban from Afghanistan.
  • Jones: Afghanistan Strategy A 'Three-Legged Stool'
    National Security Adviser James Jones says that retooling strategy in Afghanistan will mean addressing not only security issues but also those involving economic development and rule of law.
  • G-20 Leaders Get Swag Bag
    World leaders are preparing for the G-20 meetings in London. The Guardian has put together a helpful guide for its readers. Attendees of the G-20 get a swag bag designed to show off the host nation. The world's most powerful men and women get a British-designed tie, Irish linen from Ulster, chocolates and a tea towel.
  • Laid Off, But College Costs Keep Adding Up
    Dean and Terry Stanton have two sons in college, and their daughter is planning to start in the fall. They had the financing all figured out until a couple of months ago. The Stantons talk with Renee Montagne about how they are juggling college costs now that Dean has been laid off from his job in Silicon Valley.
  • One Size Fits All? New Pill Combines Heart Drugs
    A pharmaceutical company in India has combined five cheap heart medications into one capsule. The so-called polypill — which contains aspirin, a statin and three blood pressure medications — has been found in a preliminary study to lower blood pressure and cholesterol in men and women at risk of heart disease and stroke. The pill is not approved for use in the United States.
  • G-20 Summit To Test Obama's Leadership
    Thursday's economic summit will be the first test of President Obama's leadership on the world stage. A draft of the communique being prepared for the economic meeting includes calls for greater regulation, more resources for developing nations and reviving global growth.
  • Europeans Deal With Global Economic Slowdown
    As world leaders gather in London to try to chart a path out of the global economic recession, some analysts say the United States will no longer be able to dictate terms for solutions. Adding to that, Europe is determined to put its stamp on a new financial world order.
  • China Takes Another Step Into U.S. Auto Industry
    Auto parts supplier Delphi has signed an agreement with a group of Chinese companies and the Beijing city government to sell its brakes and suspension business. The Detroit Free Press calls this the most high-profile acquisition yet by the Chinese in the American auto industry. The deal might give Delphi the cash it needs to emerge from bankruptcy.
  • New CEO Charged With Scaling Down GM
    Fritz Henderson, who replaces Rick Wagoner as the chief executive officer of GM, has 60 days to present the government with a survival plan for the giant automaker. The GM insider faces the task of shrinking the company in order to keep it going.
  • Congress Ponders Curbs On Credit Card Costs
    Consumer groups complain that a lot of credit card issuers charge hefty fees and high interest rates. This week, congressional committees will take up legislation that would force the card companies to change the way they operate.

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