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Monday, March 26, 2007

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  • Training the Trainers at Fort Riley
    At Fort Riley in Kansas, U.S. soldiers raid fake Iraqi villages, lead fake Iraqi troops and use Iraqi interpreters to fix problems. They're being trained for a real-life assignment to help make Iraq's military forces more effective.
  • Breaking Down the Pentagon's Budget
    The Pentagon says Congress must allocate another $100 billion for the war in Iraq, or the military will face significant cutbacks. Can the Department of Defense and its $500 billion budget really still be strapped for cash?
  • French Candidates Court Suburban Youth Vote
    Radio stations and local rap artists are helping to sign up thousands of young French voters for the upcoming presidential elections. They're the French-born children of African immigrants, from suburbs that erupted into riots 18 months ago.
  • Going a Bit Batty over Cricket
    Relatively few Americans pay attention to cricket's World Cup. But the San Francisco Bay area has a cluster of fans and 50 amateur cricket teams. A commentator finds great interest in the tournament there — plus tasty tea and pangol.
  • Gonzales Attracts More Critics Inside GOP
    Republican lawmakers are increasing the heat on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, amid conflicting stories about his role in the firing of eight federal prosecutors. Members of Congress also want White House aides to testify at public hearings on the scandal.
  • Children's Deaths Tear Iraqi Neighborhood Asunder
    When a group of young boys were gunned down while playing soccer, a gun battle erupted in a Baghdad neighborhood where Sunnis and Shiites had lived in relative peace for years. A witness recounts the incident.
  • RIAA Offers 'Deal' to College File-Sharers
    The Recording Industry Association of America is sending letters to students at universities across the country, urging them to settle suits over illegal downloading of music. If students pay now they can avoid much bigger obligations later, the RIAA says.
  • Bush to Confer with Auto Executives
    President Bush meets Monday with the heads of the major U.S. automakers. The industry received little attention from Mr. Bush until this year's State of the Union speech, when he urged them to help cut U.S. dependence on foreign oil.
  • Gossip Site TMZ Focuses on Washington
    Cyber gossip is on its way to the nation's capital. TMZ, the online paparazzi site, hopes to capture politicians at less-than-their-best moments — just as it has for countless hapless celebrities.
  • Wikipedia Co-Founder Eyes Rival Site
    Wikipedia's co-founder, Larry Sanger, is creating a rival encyclopedia site. Sanger says Citizendium will require contributors to use real names and prove expertise. And experts will be asked to check for accuracy.

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