Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Monday, March 22, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Jonathan WheelerNew veterans court aims to help soldiers struggling at home
    Many returning veterans with conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder get in trouble with the law. Some wind up in the criminal justice system for years while their PTSD goes untreated. This smmer, a new court opens in Hennepin County to divert these veterans from prison, and get them the services they need.6:50 a.m.
  • DFL deficit plans come to the fore
    DFL state lawmakers are ready to take their first bite out of a nearly $1 billion budget deficit. The Minnesota House and Senate are expected to vote today on a bill that would reduce state spending by about $314 million.7:20 a.m.
  • Early classSome St. Cloud students start their school day before the dawn
    Because of increasing demand and higher enrollments, community colleges around the country are starting to offer classes that start as early as 6:30 in the morning.7:25 a.m.
  • Joe MauerTwins and Joe Mauer agree to contract
    Twins fans everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief after learning that catcher Joe Mauer has signed a new contract with the team through the 2018 season. Starting next year, Mauer will make $23 million a year over eight years.7:35 a.m.
  • Overland floodingOfficials look to next steps after Red crests
    The water is on its way down this morning on the Red River at Fargo-Moorhead, and today the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA - will be in Fargo-Moorhead to talk with local officials.7:45 a.m.
  • U.S. Rep. Tim WalzRep. Walz unworried about health care vote
    Rep. Tim Walz of Minnesota's 1st Congressional District voted for the health care overhaul bill Sunday. Republicans have vowed to target Democratic lawmakers who support the measure in the next election, but Walz says he's not concerned about that.8:25 a.m.
  • Monday Market report with Chris Farrell
    Minnesota Public Radio's chief economics correspondent Chris Farrell gives a preview of the week on Wall Street, and analyzes what's happening in the economy in the Upper Midwest.8:35 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • House Democrats Pass Health Care Bill
    The 111th Congress on Sunday night managed to do what Congresses before it have tried and failed to do for nearly a century: Pass and send to the president a bill to fundamentally remake the nation's health care system.
  • Thousands Clamor For Immigration Changes
    Thousands of people marched Sunday in Washington, hoping to persuade President Obama to live up to his campaign promise to overhaul the immigration system. But despite the festive atmosphere, many felt a deep sense of frustration.
  • Pennsylvania Pensions: From Surplus To A Deep Hole
    Generous benefits, underfunding from the state and worse-than-expected investment returns have pushed Pennsylvania's two large public pension funds into multibillion-dollar holes. The state didn't set aside enough money to make good on the pension promises it made.
  • Residents Relieved As Red River Recedes
    A massive effort to fight potential flooding with millions of sandbags in the area of Fargo, N.D., appears to have paid off.
  • Climate Change Presents A Burr For Coffee Growers
    Growers recently gathered at the World Coffee Conference in Guatemala to share concerns about what will happen if the weather changes in the places where they have produced coffee for generations. Because coffee plants are sensitive, many growers are trying to prepare for the possibility of a warming planet.
  • Prostate Test: Lifesaver Or Big Mistake?
    Each year millions of men get a prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, test for prostate cancer. Many men credit it with saving their lives. But the man who discovered PSA calls it a public health disaster, costing billions of dollars and resulting in needless debilitating treatments.
  • Warding Off Muscle Cramps As We Age
    As we get older, our muscles get weaker and the nerves undergo some decay. This makes us more prone to muscle cramps. Despite a good deal of study, there's not an easy treatment for the issue — but some tried-and-true prevention techniques seem to help.
  • Report: Employers' Health Care Costs Up 7 Percent
    A new report finds that employers saw health care costs jump more than 7 percent last year, though official inflation declined, and overall health care rose only about 5 percent. The financial news agency Thomson Reuters conducted the study using Medicaid and Medicare data.
  • Former Google Executive On Getting Organized
    In this era of information overload, the experience of being stressed, forgetful and overwhelmed means your mind is perfectly normal. Douglas Merrill, author of the new book Getting Organized in the Google Era, writes about his own struggle with dyslexia, and how that forced him to develop techniques for remembering information.
  • Forgotten Gift Cards Yield Business Opportunity
    Gift cards are one of the most popular forms of giving these days, but billions of valuable plastic cards end up unwanted or unused, stuck in drawers, or hidden in wallets. One new Web site allows you to buy and sell gift cards; another lets you sell the ones you don't want or donate them to charity.

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