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Monday, March 7, 2011

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  • Gadhafi Forces Advance On Rebel-Held Ras Lanuf
    In Libya, the front lines in the eastern part of the country seem to be blurring. There are reports that Libyan troop are advancing toward Ras Lanuf, a key oil town that's held by rebels. Forces loyal to Gadhafi have launched airstrikes against the town.
  • China Tightens Grip On Foreign Journalists
    China is rattled by the upheavals sweeping Africa and the Middle East. It is once again ratcheting up pressure on the foreign media. Over the weekend, the government announced new reporting regulations making it harder for journalists to operate.
  • For San Diego's Homeless, One Man Offers Hope
    For years, David Ross, better known as Waterman Dave, has handed out hundreds of bottles of water each day. Ross, 75, is a retiree who's made it his mission to help the homeless, even if it's just with a hug or a kind word. But he says he wishes he could do more.
  • Battle Over Budget Cuts Moves To Senate
    Lawmakers are set to vote on two competing proposals: One cuts more than $60 billion this year from domestic programs and foreign aid. The other is a White House-backed measure that trims $6.5 billion. Neither is expected to pass.
  • Doctors Debate Criteria For Prostate Biopsy
    Doctors have known that PSA tests aren't very good at predicting when a man has an aggressive cancer, but they thought that when PSA levels increased sharply over time, a prostate biopsy was needed. But new research is stirring debate over whether the so-called PSA velocity test is useful.
  • More Women Opt For Less Invasive Breast Biopsies
    The less costly and less invasive needle biopsy can detect cancer for 85 to 90 percent of all women with suspicious mammograms or breast lumps, doctors say. But in Florida, some 30 percent of breast biopsies are still performed with more invasive surgery.
  • China's Summit Starts, LVMH To Buy Bulgari
    Officials from across China are in Beijing for the country's annual summit of the National People's Congress. It's where China's leaders lay out priorities for the next five years. Also in the news, LVMH, which owns many high-end brands, has been snapping up more as the market for luxury goods recovers from a recent slump
  • Misconception: Can U.S. Economy Grow Indefinitely?
    Economist Tyler Cowen in his book The Great Stagnation, argues that U.S. economic growth largely plateaued in the 1970s. He tells Renee Montagne the resources that fueled the country's progress over the last 300 years are largely gone, and expectations need to be readjusted.
  • Germans Cash-In On Britain's Royal Wedding
    Retailers have been doing their best to profit from the wedding of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton. Limited edition tea bags featuring the prince and his bride-to-be are for sale. The betrothed stretch their paper arms out over the rim of the teacup, as though they're soaking in a jacuzzi of tea.
  • Saudis Monitor Bahrain As Protesters Demand Change
    Anti-government protests are entering their fourth week in the island nation of Bahrain with no end in sight. The monarchy says it's ready for talks with its critics, but some in the opposition insist the government step down. Bahrain's neighbor, oil-giant Saudi Arabia, is anxiously watching the unrest.

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