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Friday, February 24, 2012

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  • Romney Tries To Connect With Mich. Tea Party Voters
    Michigan holds its GOP primary next Tuesday, and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney spoke at a Tea Party rally in Milford Thursday night. That's a segment of the party that he's had a hard time winning over in previous states during this primary season.
  • In Michigan, Obama Team Builds On 2008 Foundation
    Democrats are using next week's GOP presidential primary in Michigan as an opportunity to energize President Obama's core base of support there. The campaign and a superPAC have ads on the air in the state. And the campaign is organizing activities for the president's supporters.
  • TV Show Publicizes Missing Persons Of Color
    While African Americans constitute only 13 percent of the population, they account for more than 40 percent of missing persons. Find Our Missing on black cable network TV One wants to be the catalyst for tips that might solve a disappearance.
  • Real Navy SEALs Star In 'Act Of Valor'
    The new film Act of Valor blurs the line between the real and the unreal something fierce. The movie shot genuine SEAL training exercises, but the script couldn't be more generic.
  • How To Properly Dispose Of Sacred Texts
    The burning of Qurans by the U.S. military in Afghanistan has led to days of rioting by Muslims who say it was a desecration of their holy book and an affront to Islam. Many faiths prescribe specific rituals for disposing of their sacred texts.
  • Economy Bogs Down Other Issues For Young Voters
    In 2008, Renee Montagne talked to Martinique Chavez, 18, at a presidential debate party in Albuquerque, N.M. At the time, Chavez was undecided but leaning towards John McCain. Four years later, we catch up with her as she prepares to graduate from college and faces a tough economy. They're joined by Martinique's 18-year-old brother Zeke, a Ron Paul supporter.
  • A Revival In American Manufacturing, Led By Brooklyn Foodies
    Artisanal food makers in Brooklyn have a lesson for America's manufacturers: Focus on the picky customers who are willing to pay extra for quality products.
  • Sears To Raise Money By Selling Some Stores
    Sears is spinning off some its Outlet, Hometown and hardware stores. The deal is expected to help the company raise up to $500 million. It's also selling some of its other properties in a separate deal.
  • Closing Time: Postal Service May Cut 35,000 Jobs
    The changes could shutter 223 postal facilities and save the service $20 billion.
  • Portuguese Seeking Opportunities In Former Colonies
    Like Greece, Portugal is sinking under the weight of debt, and unemployment is soaring. Unlike Greece, Portugal has former colonies rich in natural resources and in need of labor. Now, Portuguese workers are seeking visas to places such as Angola, a country rich with oil and diamonds.

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