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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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  • In-Sourcing Reasons Click For Master Lock
    When President Obama visits a Master Lock factory in Milwaukee Wednesday, he's hoping to highlight the manufacturing initiatives in his new budget proposal. U.S. factories are on a mini hiring spree, adding 50,000 jobs last month alone. Some companies, like Master Lock, are even moving work back to the U.S. that had been done overseas.
  • Congress May Skip Payroll Tax Showdown This Time
    Congress appears to have avoided another fight over the payroll tax reduction that has been pumping billions of dollars back into the economy. There may even be a deal ahead on jobless benefits and payments to Medicare doctors. Those issues had Congress in knots back in December.
  • For China's Likely Premier, A Western Influence
    Li Keqiang, who is in line to become China's next premier, has a very different resume than other Chinese leaders. He speaks English well, translated a book by a prominent British judge, and mingled with activist students when he attended Peking University three decades ago.
  • 'Safe House' Keeps Audiences Off Balance, Breathless
    Safe House is a take-no-prisoners action extravaganza that's heavy on bullets and brutal hand-to-hand combat. Denzel Washington plays the especially chilly Tobin Frost, a renegade CIA operative. And wouldn't you know it, the safe house is not exactly safe.
  • N.H. Lawmakers Consider Rolling Back Gay Marriage
    Opponents of same-sex marriage believe that if a Democrat-dominated Statehouse could vote in gay marriage, a Republican-dominated one may be able to vote it out. A bill to repeal the law has the backing of some top leaders in the GOP-controlled Legislature, but rescinding rights is never easy.
  • Opposition Leader Bets On Myanmar Reforms
    Aung San Suu Kyi is campaigning for a seat in parliament to represent a rural district four hours from the country's biggest city, Yangon. It's a scene that seemed impossible only a few months ago, before the country's military-backed government began a process of reform aimed at ending international sanctions.
  • Pro Basketball's First Asian-American Player Looks At Lin, And Applauds
    Like Jeremy Lin, Wat Misaka is an Asian-American who became an unlikely basketball star; he also played for the Knicks. But he did it in the 1940s.
  • Game Developer Zynga Posts Losing Quarter
    The biggest game developer for Facebook is out with its first earnings report and it's not a winning number. Zynga posted a loss of more than $430 million for its fourth quarter. This is the first time the company's come out with earnings since it went public in December.
  • The Ad Council: 70 Years Of Good Advice
    Since its creation during World War II, the Ad Council has launched one iconic public service announcement after the next — from the "Rosie the Riveter" campaign, which encouraged women to join the work force, to Smokey Bear's lessons about preventing wildfires.
  • Housing Starts Have Been Singing The Blues
    An uptick in hiring is leading to more optimism about the economy. But housing remains stuck in a funk. New figures on housing starts are released Thursday. Morning Edition has a musical preview in this Planet Money report.

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