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Friday, February 11, 2011

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  • Protesters Dismayed By Mubarak's Insistence To Stay
    Protesters have plans for another big day of expansive demonstrations in Egypt. They had been expecting President Hosni Mubarak to announce on Thursday that he was stepping down. Instead, Mubarak promised to transfer most of his powers to his vice president.
  • U.S. Could Use Egypt To Boost Credibility, Some Say
    U.S. credibility fell over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, analysts say, and again last year when Israel rejected U.S. calls for a building freeze in the occupied West Bank. Egypt may be one place where the U.S. can stop this decline.
  • GOP Presidential Hopefuls Court CPAC Attendees
    The annual Conservative Political Action Conference is under way in Washington, D.C. Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump teased the crowd Thursday about possible presidential bids. A long list of other potential Republican candidates for 2012 will speak Friday and Saturday.
  • Iraqi Protesters Call For Better Jobs, Benefits
    In Iraq, it's getting to the point where protests are happening every day. It's a few hundred people here and there, airing local grievances. Most Iraqis doubt this will turn into an Egypt-style uprising.
  • Crest Fallen Protesters March Again Against Mubarak
    Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said in a speech Thursday night that he would not resign. Shadi Hamid, of the Brookings Institution, tells Steve Inskeep that the celebratory mood of protesters in Cairo quickly became tense after Mubarak announced he would only transfer some powers to the vice president.
  • Singaporean Cuisine Of All Stripes, Courtesy 'A Tiger'
    Chinese New Year in Singapore lets the unique Malay, Indian, Chinese and European influences of Singaporean cuisine shine through. The author of a new memoir about the country's food shares favorite recipes and family memories.
  • President Mubarak 'Won't Bow To Foreign Pressure'
    Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has announced he would hand over some powers to the vice president. But he said to step down from the presidency, would be giving in to foreign pressure.
  • Protesters Start 'We Won't Pay' Movement In Greece
    The economic collapse of Greece was precipitated by the countries massive national debt, caused in part by Greeks not paying their taxes. Now there's a growing protest movement against the government's austerity measures.
  • Overhead Keeps Florists From Cashing In On Feb. 14
    If you're buying roses for Valentine's Day, you may be looking at a premium price. But that doesn't necessarily mean big profits for those doing the selling.
  • A Whirlpool Of Passion For Valentine's Day In Japan
    The Japanese are passionate about Valentine's Day — but they celebrate it with a twist. Women are expected to give chocolate to the men in their lives. And a month later, the men reciprocate. But in the meantime, Japan's sweets shops are whipping up a frenzy for Valentine's-related goods.

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