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Monday, February 7, 2011

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  • U.S. Struggles To Keep Egypt Position Clear
    U.S. officials are faced with the challenge of how to back a political transition in Egypt without alienating hundreds of thousands of protesters. Over the past several days, the Obama administration has had to adjust its stance on Egypt, which has resulted in sending out mixed signals to all.
  • Egypt's Economy Limps Along After Protests
    Shops, banks and businesses in Egypt have reopened after prolonged demonstrations against the Mubarak government. Analysts say there are tremendous losses to the country's vital tourism industry — and possibly, a huge outflow of money as people involved in corruption try to get ill-gotten gains out of the country.
  • Parents Fight To Find Truth Behind Daughter's Death
    When Chanda Turner was found with a gunshot wound, the Oklahoma medical examiner's office ruled it a suicide. But after a 10-year battle to find the truth, the family has been left with an inaccurate and incomplete death certificate.
  • Tunisians Sure Young Democracy Will Lure Tourists
    The popular revolution in Tunisia chased the tourists away. But many Tunisians believe the visitors will eventually return in far bigger numbers.
  • Why Some People Evade Colds And Others Don't
    People who have built up immunity to common viruses are less likely to get sick. But researchers say it's also possible some people are genetically less susceptible to catching a common cold.
  • What 'Ah-Choo!' Can Do For You
    Sneezing spreads germs to innocent bystanders, but for the person doing the sneezing, it's the first line of defense against invaders. About 10 percent of the population sneezes when they're exposed to sunlight.
  • Ford Cranks Up Assembly Line Production
    Ford says it will boost production 13 percent in the coming months. The automaker says it needs to meet higher demand for its cars and trucks — especially its newly overhauled Ford Explorer SUV. Ratcheting up production could mean more jobs.
  • Snow Futures: Hedging Bets On The Costs Of Winter
    In only its second year, a market to trade snow futures contracts is thriving. Businesses from airlines to salt providers are using the market as insurance. And the recent storm will likely make the market even more attractive.
  • Tribal Land Helps Payday Lenders Skirt State Laws
    Nearly 20 states have either banned payday lenders or imposed interest rate caps that discourage them from setting up shop. But a report shows that some payday lenders have tried to find a way around the limits by partnering with Native American tribes and setting up shop online.
  • Super Bowl Ad Introduces Chrysler 200 Sedan
    In Sunday night's game between Green Bay and Pittsburgh, Chrysler aired the longest-ever Super Bowl ad — a two-minute spot promoting the new Chrysler 200. The ad takes viewers on a gritty tour of Detroit.

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