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Monday, February 2, 2009

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  • Iran, 30 Years After The Revolution
    It's been 30 years since the Islamic revolution in Iran. The Iranian government is spending 10 days celebrating the time when Muslim clerics took power in 1979. The anniversary comes just as the U.S. considers a new approach to Iran. This week, Morning Edition examines how some Iranians see their world, and what the revolution means to them.
  • Iraqi Voter Turnout Lower Than Expected
    Iraqis went to the polls in provincial elections over the weekend, and most observers say the voting was fair and free. But turnout was lower than expected. There are complaints that many eligible voters were left off the voting rolls.
  • Obama's 'Big Fix,' And Investment Deficit Disorder
    The president hopes a proposed $800 billion-plus stimulus package can jump-start the economy and lay the groundwork for long-term prosperity. If the plan doesn't work immediately, New York Times columnist David Leonhardt says the economy could dominate Obama's time in office.
  • Wall Street Crushes Retirement Planning
    A former economics journalist and recent retiree, Robert Lyle was caught short with too much of his savings in stocks. Now his retirement income is much less than what he had planned for. He wishes he had an old-fashioned pension instead of a 401(k).
  • E-Waste Law: Manufacturers Pay For Recycling
    When old TVs and computers end up in landfills or incinerators, the heavy metals and flame retardants they contain can pollute lakes and oceans. Washington has become the first state to require electronics manufacturers pay for recycling of TVs, computers and other e-waste.
  • Drone Attacks In Pakistan Under Review
    Since August, the U.S. has intensified an aerial offensive — using unmanned drones — in Pakistan's lawless tribal regions. The Predators are targeting al-Qaida and the Taliban in western Pakistan, partly to stem cross-border attacks against U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. It appears increasingly likely that the Obama administration will continue this policy.
  • Hospital Hit In Sri Lankan Civil War
    The U.N. says a third artillery attack has hit a hospital in the war zone in northern Sri Lanka, striking its pediatrics ward and killing several people.
  • India To Unveil Inexpensive Laptop Prototype
    The Indian government on Tuesday is expected to introduce a computer laptop prototype that runs on low power, has wireless Internet and costs $20 to manufacture. One goal is to bring computers to the developing world. The price is lower than the much-publicized project of One Laptop Per Child, a U.S.-based organization that aims to get $100 laptops in the hands of poor students around the globe.
  • IBM To Open Center, Bring New Jobs To Dubuque
    IBM says it will open a remote computer services center in Dubuque, Iowa, that will employ up to 1,300 people. The company has been criticized in the past for shipping jobs offshore. It says the Dubuque site would be its biggest U.S. facility in 10 years, but getting IBM there was costly for Dubuque.
  • Are Outsourced Jobs Coming Back?
    Some U. S. companies that have sent jobs overseas are bringing those positions back. Christine Ferrusi Ross is research director at Forrester Research, which tracks outsourcing and inshoring. She talks with Linda Wertheimer about why jobs that were once outsourced could be returning.

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