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Friday, January 29, 2010

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  • Clinton: Military Action Isn't Enough In Afghanistan
    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells NPR that efforts to end the war in Afghanistan must be accompanied by a plan to reintegrate Taliban fighters, though she acknowledges that approach won't work with the group's top leadership. She says the evolving reconciliation process "will be a little like jazz ... you can't lay it out completely."
  • Lolo Beaubrun: A Voice Of Hope In Haiti
    Beaubrun, one of Haiti's most popular and recognizable musicians, leads the 12-person band Boukman Eksperyans. Now more than ever, he's singing in an effort to transform his home country.
  • Port-Au-Prince Journal: It's The Living Who Haunt
    NPR's Jason Beaubien has been covering the aftermath of the massive earthquake that decimated Haiti on Jan. 12. He says corpses are so common both on the street and oozing out of the wreckage, that it's the living who haunt him. For the country to be reborn, and to avoid becoming a wasteland kept alive on international aid, he says the living need to heal — and dream of a new future.
  • Debt Collector: Tough Job But Someone's Got To Do It
    As more people struggle to pay their credit card bills, one segment of the economy is booming: debt collection. It's not an easy task. Most people John Goebel calls are angry, some are apathetic, and a few break down in tears.
  • Mobile Device-Use Constrained By Bandwidth
    More people these days are using mobile devices. That means they are downloading more videos, more software and other big chunks of data that are clogging up the wireless pipes. One thing that may help is tiered data plans. People who use more bandwidth would pay more than someone who just checks emails.
  • A 30-Million-Year-Old Virgin's Secret To Success
    The bdelloid rotifer, a tiny invertebrate, hasn't had sex for 30 million years — and you thought you had a long dry spell. But species that reproduce asexually don't usually last very long, so the big question is how the rotifer has gone without it for millennia. Scientists at the University of Iowa think they have an answer.
  • Amazon, Microsoft Announce Profits
    Two leading technology companies reported big increases in sales and earnings for the most recent quarter Thursday. said it made record profits last quarter. That's the three-month period covering holiday shopping. Microsoft said its profits jumped 60 percent in the last quarter of 2009, compared to the previous year.
  • Can Bosses Do That? As It Turns Out, Yes They Can
    Could you be fired for having a political bumper sticker on your car — or even having a beer after work? Lewis Maltby says it's more than possible — it's happened. His new book, Can They Do That? details the predicaments many workers find themselves in.
  • Teacher Suspended After Party Photos Posted Online
    A high school teacher in Pennsylvania was suspended for 30 days after a picture of her at a strip club was posted on a social networking site. The picture was taken at a bachelorette party. According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, some students saw the picture and notified school officials. The ACLU is looking into the case.
  • Auto Industry Reels From Toyota Recall
    The auto industry generated a lot of news this week as Toyota recalled more vehicles and even halted sales and production of eight models. Ford reported profits, but it too may have to recall cars sold in China. The quality problems reflect the industry's global nature with parts suppliers and customers all over the world.

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