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Monday, January 12, 2009

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  • Auto Industry Crisis Casts Shadow On Detroit Show
    The Detroit auto show is a chance to show off an industry whose business is evaporating. In the industry's annual showcase of new products, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler focused on humility, sustainability and more fuel-efficient cars.
  • U.K. Auto Industry May Offer Lessons For Detroit
    The city of Coventry used to be known as the British Detroit. But when most of the auto jobs moved away, government and business worked together to reinvent the local economy. The British auto industry has retooled itself in recent decades, and many point to it as a model for the U.S.
  • German Minorities Still Fight To Be Seen, Heard
    Barack Obama's election was met with euphoria in Europe. But it's unlikely that a minority there will reach such prominence any time soon. In Germany, for instance, national identity is still strictly linked to ethnicity — and nonwhites still face considerable barriers.
  • Obama To Discuss Trade, Drug War With Calderon
    President-elect Barack Obama has his first meeting with a foreign leader since he was elected in November. On Monday, Mr. Obama will discuss the drug war and trade issues with Mexico's President Felipe Calderon.
  • Israeli Troops Press Into Gaza City
    Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip shows no sign of abating. The death toll inside Gaza is now close to 900. Israel stepped up the pace of its airstrikes. And Sunday, the ground offensive saw some of the fiercest fighting so far.
  • Smugglers' Tunnels Into Gaza Open For Business
    Israel may launch a full-scale attack on Hamas smuggling tunnels on Gaza's border with Egypt. With better technology, Egyptian officials say they could do more to find the tunnels. But people who live along the border say as long as Israel's blockade of Gaza continues, so will the smuggling.
  • Citigroup, Morgan Stanley May Combine Brokerages
    The troubled banking giant Citigroup is under pressure to shore up its finances — especially after taking billions in government rescue money. In recent days, Citigroup reportedly has been working on a deal to bring in billions more of much-needed capital. The deal is said to involve Citigroup combining its brokerage with rival Morgan Stanley. If the deal goes through, Morgan Stanley would have a controlling stake in a new operation that could be the largest retail brokerage in the world.
  • In Vegas, Applicants Bet On Jobs At MGM Resort
    MGM's massive CityCenter project in Las Vegas is hiring in a big way. The company has to fill some 12,000 jobs at the new hotel, casino, retail and residential property. MGM has been taking applications online, and it expects to receive nearly 100,000 of them.
  • Manufacturers Anxiously Wait For Stimulus Package
    Manufacturing orders for everything from airplanes to sewer pipes have fallen hard in the last several months. Many companies are shedding workers en masse. Others are hunkering down, cutting hours and preparing to pounce when federal government stimulus dollars start to flow.
  • Web Site Registers Smells Of the World
    A Web site in Japan combines Google's mapping technology with hundreds of sophisticated olfactory systems. Members of the "Smell Club" locate unusual smells around the world. They map them so you can click on the site and find out where they are. Some of the odors are not appealing — like "cat with halitosis." Organizers say someday they hope to be able to transmit scent online.

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