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Morning Edition
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Carl PohladTwins owner Carl Pohlad dies
    Minnesotans in business, sports and philanthropic circles are looking back on the life of Carl Pohlad, who died yesterday at the age of 93.6:20 a.m.
  • Don NessDuluth mayor outlines budget challenges
    The 2009 State of the City address from Duluth Mayor Don Ness gives some cues about how that city will deal with its budget challenges. Duluth's budget was in tough shape even before the state announced cuts to city funding.6:55 a.m.
  • Franken declares victoryWith lawsuit looming, Senate won't seat Franken
    Republican Norm Coleman's campaign is expected to go to court today to contest the Senate election. The move comes a day after Democrat Al Franken declared victory in Minnesota's U.S. Senate recount, and on the day the Senate convenes in Washington.7:20 a.m.
  • Al FrankenAl Franken's road to the U.S. Senate
    It's looking very likely that Democrat Al Franken will become Minnesota's next U.S. senator. The State Canvassing Board certified its recount Monday afternoon, giving Franken 225 more votes than Republican incumbent Norm Coleman. Here's another look at Al Franken -- who he is and how he got to this point.7:25 a.m.
  • Coleman holds a press conferenceObservers say Coleman's next move comes with costs
    Attorneys for Republican Norm Coleman say they're ready to file a lawsuit today disputing the results of the recount in Minnesota's prolonged Senate race. But should they?7:40 a.m.
  • Science experimentSchools brace for rough Legislative session
    The size of the Minnesota budget deficit means even schools might not be 'off-limits' to cuts.7:45 a.m.
  • Erik PaulsenErik Paulsen, one of few new Republicans, joins House
    When the 111th Congress convenes in Washington today, Minnesota will have a new face in the U.S. House of Representatives: Erik Paulsen.8:25 a.m.
  • Carl PohladTwins owner Carl Pohlad dies
    Minnesotans in business, sports and philanthropic circles are looking back on the life of Carl Pohlad, who died yesterday at the age of 93.8:45 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Obama Seeks Congressional Support On Economy
    President-elect Barack Obama says the economy is sick and getting worse. Obama spent his first day back in Washington on Capitol Hill urging congressional leaders to work quickly on a massive economic stimulus package. He also said his administration will post the plan on the Internet.
  • Judge Urged To Jail Madoff Without Bail
    Prosecutors in New York are asking a judge to put Bernard Madoff behind bars without bail. They told the judge Monday that the disgraced financier had violated bail conditions by mailing about $1 million worth of jewelry and other assets to relatives. At roughly the same time in Washington, a House hearing got under way on how regulators missed the alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme Madoff is accused of running.
  • Natural Gas Powers Russian-German Ties
    Germany is the biggest customer of Russia's state natural gas monopoly, Gazprom. It supplies more than 40 percent of Germany's gas. Some worry that Russia is using its natural resources as a political weapon, but others say the influence goes both ways.
  • Coping With Economic Worst-Case Scenario
    With grim economic news coming out almost daily, Morning Edition wondered if Americans are making contingency plans. Some people in Los Angeles explain how they would cope if they lost their job or if there were another Great Depression.
  • Critics Say France's Sarkozy Not Helping Gaza
    French President Nicolas Sarkozy is on a cease-fire mission to the Middle East. While his country no longer holds the European Union presidency, Sarkozy says it is France's duty to look for all paths to peace. Critics say Sarkozy is on a power trip after his six-month stint as diplomatic head of Europe. They accuse him of muddying EU efforts to broker a cease-fire.
  • Burris, Hoping To Revive Career, Rejected By Senate
    The man appointed to fill Barack Obama's Senate seat arrived at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday hoping to be sworn in as a Democratic senator from Illinois. A short time later, Roland Burris stepped outside and said he had been rejected. Burris' appointment by Illinois' embattled governor was a chance to rekindle a dormant career.
  • Author Says Race Shouldn't Matter In Burris Case
    Senate Democrats say they will refuse any appointee sent by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Roland Burris, a former state attorney general, was picked to fill the seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama. Burris would be the chamber's only black member. Ta-Nehisi Coates, a contributor to The Atlantic magazine, tells Steve Inskeep race doesn't have to be the No. 1 issue in the discussion.
  • Toyota Says It Will Suspend Production In Japan
    Japan's leading carmaker announced it would freeze production at all its Japanese factories for 11 days over February and March. This is on top of a three-day shutdown at Japanese factories in January. The last time Toyota Motor Corp. announced a sweeping production halt was in 1993 — and that was for one day only. The recession is hitting Toyota harder than top management expected.
  • Apple's Steve Jobs Explains Weight Loss
    Over the past year, the gaunt appearance of Apple founder Steve Jobs has alarmed many Mac and iPod lovers. In a public letter, Jobs said the weight loss had been a mystery to him and his doctors until a few weeks ago. He says he will be undergoing a "relatively simple" treatment for a hormone imbalance.
  • Postal Service Sees Less Mail In Slumping Economy
    Mail volume suffers when the economy suffers, but this economic downturn is hitting the Postal Service particularly hard. The ailing housing and financial sectors, once heavy users of direct mail marketing, are cutting back. In the last fiscal year, mail carriers delivered 9.5 billion fewer letters and packages than the year before.

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