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Monday, December 31, 2012

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  • After Fruitless Weekend, Congress Still Seeks Fiscal Deal
    Both the House and the Senate were in session Sunday evening, but a bipartisan push by Senate leaders fell short. Monday is the last day to avoid the tax hikes and spending cuts, though Congress may still reach a deal over the next few days.
  • The Fiscal Cliff: A Love Story
    Wonks from across the political spectrum look at the upside of the cliff.
  • Cheap Bubbly Or Expensive Sparkling Wine? Look To The Bubbles For Clues
    Here are a few things to look for if you're trying to distinguish the age of your bottle of bubbly or the method by which it was made. And if you just want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to preserving the bubbles, consider how you pour.
  • Best Car Deals To Be Found This Time Of Year
    Dealers are looking to move inventory to make way for new models. Consumers have one other advantage: Americans are keeping their cars longer, and that means fewer total buyers with lots of new vehicles to choose from.
  • A Busy And Head-Scratching 2012 Hurricane Season
    Superstorm Sandy is what most people will remember from the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. But Sandy was just one of 10 hurricanes this year during a season that was both busy and strange. From an El Nino that never materialized to meandering tropical storms, meteorologists were baffled.
  • Why Charities Need To Consider Donors' Politics
    As American make contributions to various charities at the end of the year, there is increasing evidence that politics is playing a role in their decisions. Research suggests that the way the charity presses certain ideological buttons predicts whether liberals or conservatives will pony up a donation.
  • Death Of The (Predatory) Salesman: These Days, It's A Buyer's Market
    In his new book, To Sell Is Human, Daniel H. Pink describes how access to information has empowered buyers and dramatically changed the sales landscape. Caveat emptor — buyer beware — is still good advice, Pink says, but so is caveat venditor — seller beware.
  • Hours Left To 'Fiscal Cliff' Deadline
    Congressional negotiators have one more day to work out a compromise to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, or else taxes will go up across the board in the New Year. Both the House and the Senate convened Sunday, but a bipartisan push by Senate leaders fell short.
  • Secretary Clinton Hospitalized With Blood Clot
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in a New York hospital for treatment of a blood clot. Clinton suffered a concussion after a fall earlier this month.
  • Headlines That Got More Attention Than They Deserved
    Morning Edition commentator John Ridley shares some of his top "non-troversies" of the year. All those news stories that seemed so important at the time but that now make you say "really?"

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