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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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  • Obama, Staff No Improper Dealings With Ill. Gov.
    President-elect Barack Obama and two of his advisers were interviewed by federal agents investigating corruption in the Illinois Governor's Office. Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich is accused of trying to cash in on his power to appoint Obama's successor in the U.S. Senate. An internal review of the Obama transition team finds nothing improper about contacts with Blagojevich.
  • Is Bush Planning Pardons For His Administration?
    When it comes to clemency, presidents have absolute power; Congress and the courts cannot overrule them. President Bush issued 19 more pardons Tuesday, and there's intense speculation that he might issue last-minute pardons to officials of his own administration.
  • British Officials Try To Deport Cleric To Jordan
    A Muslim cleric from Jordan went to the United Kingdom in the 1990s, where he gained asylum by claiming persecution. But he supposedly started preaching hate sermons. The British government wants to send him back to Jordan, but he says he'll be tortured there. Britain's human rights laws forbid deportation to a country that tortures.
  • Foreign Navies Must Discern Pirates From Fishermen
    An international fleet of warships is patrolling off the Somali coast for pirates, which attack merchant ships with speedboats launched from what look like ordinary fishing vessels. Foreign sailors have learned it's not always easy to tell a pirate from a fisherman.
  • An Irish Christmas With Dervish And Friends
    One of the biggest traditional bands in Ireland, Dervish took its act to Lissadell House in County Sligo — a favorite spot of W.B. Yeats — to make a special Christmas recording. Piper Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains and vocalist Roisin O'Reilly guest star.
  • Study: Early To Bed Keeps Heart Healthy
    A report in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that the human heart needs a certain amount of sleep every night to stay healthy. The link between sleep and heart health is stronger than researchers suspected.
  • Christmas Beer Yields Christmas Cheer
    For millennia, farmers around the globe have marked the winter solstice by brewing particularly potent beer. This holiday season, brew expert Don Russell (better known as "Joe Sixpack") recommends some of his favorite Christmas ales.
  • Sugarplums: Dreaming Of The Sweet Unknown
    As the famous poem puts it, Christmas is when children are "nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads." It's a lovely image. But it does prompt the question: What exactly is a sugarplum? The short answer: It's very good.
  • Billionaire Bails Out Art Museum In Los Angeles
    The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles has been spared from collapse thanks to a bailout from local billionaire Eli Broad. He's a leading cultural patron in the city. The size of the rescue package may sound small compared with the billions that have gone toward banks and carmakers, but his $30 million will help pull the art institution back from the brink. The museum is known for its extensive collection of post-war paintings and sculpture. Under the terms of the bailout, it will not be allowed to sell off any of its artwork.
  • Wal-Mart To Settle Class Action Lawsuits
    Wal-Mart says it has settled 63 wage- and hour-abuse lawsuits against the company. The world's largest retailer says the total to be paid depends on the amount of claims submitted by class members, but it could be up to $640 million.

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