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Friday, December 23, 2011

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  • With N. Korea In Flux, Neighbors Reassess Policies
    As North Korea prepares for a new leader, China, South Korea and the other nations are recalibrating their policies and weighing new security concerns. The job is difficult because so little is known about Kim Jong Un, the son and presumed successor to Kim Jong Il.
  • 2011 Was A Bad Year For Dictators
    Over the last year, many dictators have fallen from power. To name a few: Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was killed, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died. Linda Wertheimer talks to Susan Glasser, with Foreign Policy magazine, about the year that was and which of the world's remaining strongmen need to worry about what 2012 has to offer.
  • Ten Years Of Hanging On As An Afghan Potter
    Abdul Wahkeel was the first potter in Istalif to rebuild his business after the Taliban fell. He has largely succeeded, but wonders whether his children will know the same prosperity and peace.
  • When Ambrosia Salad Spells Dread
    Ambrosia salad — the festive dish of green Jell-O, cherries and Cool Whip — was a regular feature on Caitlin Shetterly's husband's family Christmas table. He recently admitted he always thought it was the "grossest looking and tasting thing ever." So of course Shetterly had to check it out.
  • Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart Is Easy And Fast
    And now something for listeners who may have procrastinated on their holiday baking. Linda Wertheimer tells Renee Montagne about a recipe she came across for Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart which comes from The Food52 Cookbook and
  • Ron Paul Has Support In Iowa, But Old Issues Linger
    The Texas congressman's message appeals to more than just the typical Republican caucus-goer. His strong poll numbers may come at the right time for the Iowa caucuses, but he can't seem to shake concerns over a so-called "isolationist" foreign policy position and controversial newsletters that bore his name.
  • NBA Kicks Off Shortened Season On Christmas Day
    Men's professional basketball was on a long break because of the lockout. But on Christmas Day, the NBA season begins with a five-game package featuring exciting teams and glittering superstars. There's a rematch between defending champion Dallas and everyone's favorite team to hate — the Miam Heat.
  • Apple Watches European Market Share Slide
    Given the product's high price — and the region's weak economies — shoppers just haven't bitten. Apple's market share has dropped in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • UPS's Air Hub Is Braced For Last-Minute Shippers
    Time is running out for Christmas shoppers, but even more so for those who need to ship those presents. UPS hired about 55,000 seasonal workers around the world to help handle the holiday volume, including 800 at the air hub in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Ct. Company Keeps Those Sleigh Bells Jingling
    Few things announce the arrival of Christmas-time like the sound of bells. And chances are many of the bells you hear this holiday season can be sourced to one small, family-owned manufacturing business in Connecticut. Bevin Brothers was founded 180 years ago.

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