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Friday, December 21, 2012

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  • Plug Pulled On 'Plan B,' House Breaks For Christmas
    House Speaker John Boehner was dealt a major defeat Thursday night. After spending most of the week trying to round up votes for his "Plan B" to extend tax cuts for virtually everyone, he pulled the measure without a vote. The clock keeps ticking toward the end of the year, when automatic tax increases and spending cuts are set to hit.
  • Medicare Starts To Reward Quality, Not Quantity, Of Care
    The nation's biggest insurer is starting to dole out bonuses and penalties to nearly 3,000 hospitals as it ties almost $1 billion in payments to the quality of care provided to patients.
  • A Pie-Making Encore: Start With The Perfect Recipe, Serve With Love
    Pie can elicit thoughts of home, warmth and comfort. But fear of pie crust may deter even the most comfortable of cooks from trying their hand at pie-making. The secret, one chef reveals, starts with the formula 3-2-1.
  • Newtown Shooting Prompts 'Bee' Special Edition
    The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last week, hit the community's weekly paper hard. The staff of The Newtown Bee put out the first special edition in the paper's 135-year history.
  • Moscovites Window-Shop At GUM For Holiday Ideas
    The up-scale mall on Red Square is called GUM. It's in the former state-run department store, a Soviet-era monument that was once famous for long lines and unsmiling service. It's been turned into a glittering showplace for high-end foreign brands that most Russians can only look at.
  • Drought, Economics And Your Holiday Feast
    The Great Drought of 2012 dominated headlines this summer, but so far, it has not had a major impact on the prices of food on your holiday table, except the dairy products. That prime rib is more expensive for other reasons.
  • Bernie Madoff's Brother Is Headed To Prison
    A federal judge sentenced Peter Madoff to the maximum sentence, 10 years, after he pleaded guilty to charges including conspiracy.
  • Not Your Grandma's B&B: Traditional Inns Transform For Young Travelers
    The image of the rural bed and breakfast with claustrophobic rooms, spartan amenities and prying innkeepers has long been a source of laughs for comedians and sitcoms. But B&Bs are fighting back. Now, many country inns are trying to dispel old stereotypes to appeal to new travelers.
  • Limiting Home Mortgage Deduction Would Raise Revenue
    Morning Edition's series, "Twelve Days of Tax Deductions," zeroes in on some of the tax breaks that lawmakers are grappling with as they try to avoid the "fiscal cliff." The home mortgage interest tax deduction is one of the biggest breaks in the tax code.
  • Yes Virginia, There Is A Smartphone-Controlled Toilet
    A Japanese company recently announced it has such a device. Using a smartphone app, you can flush without touching the handle. You can also raise and lower the seat, and there are built-in speakers.

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