Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Thursday, December 21, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • The blur of holiday lightsHow the blind 'see' the holidays
    The holiday festivities are a time during which lights become the center of celebrations, from candles to Christmas bulbs. For some people, these lights are not easy to see. We introduce you to three of them.6:50 a.m.
  • Getting betterMinnesota Guard unit treats young Iraqi burn victims
    Medics with the Minnesota Guard's 1-125th Field Artillery Battalion stationed in Iraq helpstaff Iraq's only specialty burn center.7:20 a.m.
  • Jim MerharIt's the economy vs. the environment at hearing for Iron Range power plant
    Many worry about pollution if the Mesaba Energy Project is built nearby. But others at a hearing in Taconite stood to say the region needs the jobs the project could bring to Itasca County.7:25 a.m.
  • Mesaba Saab turboprop aircraftNorthwest and Mesaba discuss a merger
    Northwest and Mesaba look to a merger to give them a more secure financial future. Airline analyst Barbara Beyer examines the potential consolidation.7:50 a.m.
  • Annuak serviceNew sounds inside the Mighty Fortress
    The music heard in many Lutheran churches around the Twin Cities is changing as immigrants join congregations. An exhibit at the University of Minnesota explores the diverse music being mixed with the traditional Lutheran liturgy.7:55 a.m.
  • Minnesota OrchestraMinnesota Orchestra draws national attention
    The Minnesota Orchestra is garnering national attention. Minnesota Public Radio's arts commentator, Dominic Papatola, explores how this century-old orchestra got there.8:25 a.m.
  • On the chopping blockMinneapolis loses three public libraries
    Minneapolis Public Library board president Anita Duckor talks about the future of the city's library system, in light of a decision to close three libraries.8:55 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • President Bush Acknowledges Iraq Difficulties
    In a year-end press conference, President Bush said Wednesday that the U.S. needs a bigger military. And the president said he knows he'll need to work with Democrats in the new Congress to make progress with his domestic agenda.
  • Rebel Fighting, Refugees Cause Turmoil in Chad
    Rebels seeking to oust Chad's president have been battling government forces in the Sahara Desert nation. Amid the fierce fighting, the impoverished country also faces a growing humanitarian crisis: it hosts more than 200,000 Darfur refugees from neighboring Sudan.
  • St. Nick's Hometown Capitalizes on Santa Image
    Far from the North Pole, Saint Nicholas' hometown in Turkey is a sun-drenched farming community lined with palm trees and orange groves, where the image of the beloved bishop is being replaced by that of the secular Santa.
  • Letters: Shellac's Source and Jacob Marley's Chain
    Listeners write in this week to correct us on the source of shellac and our Dickens' details. Also, an appreciation on our story of black and white friends in Washington, D.C., and a story about a writer who liked a drink, or two.
  • Rival Iraq Report Wins Attention in Washington
    The Congressionally-funded Iraq Study Group report was unveiled recently with pomp and ceremony. But quietly, inside the Pentagon, the ISG report is widely regarded as unrealistic. A rival plan from the American Enterprise Institute provides its own prescription for Iraq, and is gaining traction in the Bush administration.
  • Intense Light Still Best Treatment for Winter Blues
    Lack of sunlight throws many people into the deepest of wintertime blues, known as seasonal affective disorder. Researchers have investigated several treatments to get light back into sufferers' lives, but 30 minutes in front of a special light box remains the most proven medicine.
  • Is a Brighter Earth a Better One?
    Humans have spent hundreds of years seemingly intent on turning night into day. But a brighter world affects how we sleep, socialize and possibly even our health.
  • FCC Aids Phone Companies in Drive to Deliver TV
    Federal regulators have given a boost to phone companies trying to move into the cable TV market. The FCC has voted to ban cities from imposing tough conditions on businesses that compete with traditional cable franchises.
  • Colorado Blizzard Cancels Flights, Closes Businesses
    A storm dumping snow across Colorado has shut down the Denver airport, where about two feet has fallen so far, and closed roads. It has also forced stores to close, hurting small businesses across the region.
  • Greyhound Attempts to Change Bus Travel's Image
    For many, traveling by bus isn't generally associated with the adjectives "nice" and "clean." But Greyhound is trying to spruce up its service and its terminals so that it can better compete for the travel dollar.

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