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Morning Edition
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Target adTarget aiming at frugal shoppers this holiday season
    With many consumers afraid to spend, the holiday shopping season is expected to be more so-so than ho-ho for retailers, but Minneapolis-based Target is addressing such reluctance head-on in holiday television ads.6:20 a.m.
  • UAV flyingAt UND, unmanned aircraft program takes off
    The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks has a new unmanned aircraft research center and this fall the school accepted students into the first unmanned aircraft systems degree program in the world.7:20 a.m.
  • Regions Hospital faces same issues as HCMC
    The Hennepin County Board votes today on a plan to scale back charity care at Hennepin County Medical Center in response to state budget cuts. Regions Hospital in St. Paul is also struggling with cuts.7:25 a.m.
  • Minn. auto dealer happy to make case to stay open
    Dozens of Minnesota Chrysler and GM dealerships marked for elimination have won the right to appeal their cases through binding arbitration. MPR's Cathy Wurzer talks with one dealer who plans to do just that.7:35 a.m.
  • Commentator Peter SmithBig family left Christmas gift envy
    Santa Claus is making his list and checking it twice. But essayist Peter Smith says when he was growing up, it didn't matter if he was naughty or nice. Smith came from a huge family, and even Santa had to be practical.7:45 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Radiation From CT Scans May Raise Cancer Risk
    Use of CT scans in the U.S. has more than tripled in less than two decades. Despite the medical benefits, these scans emit a significant amount of radiation. A new study estimates that 29,000 future cancers could be related to CT scans performed in the U.S. in 2007.
  • Democrats Trade Off To Get 60 Health Care Votes
    Senate Democratic leaders all but decided Monday night to scrap the so-called "Medicare buy-in," a proposal to let those age 55 to 64 purchase coverage in the Medicare program early. The problem? Opposition from Connecticut Independent Joe Lieberman who threatened to cost them the critical 60th vote they needed to overcome a threatened Republican filibuster.
  • Shell Shock Lingers For Israelis After Gaza War
    New figures show that the number of rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into nearby Israeli communities has decreased by 90 percent since the end of Israel's Gaza offensive almost a year ago. Yet Israelis with homes close to Gaza say they are still living in fear and suffering the traumatic aftereffects of the bombardment.
  • Activist On Hunger Strike At Canary Islands' Airport
    A human rights campaigner who supports independence for Western Sahara is at the center of a diplomatic row between Spain and Morocco. Aminatou Haidar was refused entry to Morocco nearly a month ago, and deported to the Spanish Canary Islands, were she began a hunger strike. Doctors say Haidar's life is now in severe danger.
  • Marketer Links Chinese, U.S. Businesses
    Chinamex, which opened an office in Atlanta on Monday, is a business incubator backed by the Chinese government. Its mission is to push products and investment around the world.
  • Economically Speaking Is Climate Change A Priority?
    Bjorn Lomborg, author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, is roaming the halls of the U.N. climate talks in Copenhagen. While Lomborg believes climate change is real, he thinks the approach being taken to fight it is doomed to failure. Lomborg also famously led a team of economists who ranked climate change low on a list of priorities when compared to things like combating disease. Needless to say, Lomborg is not a popular figure at the talks.
  • DARPA Tasks Social Networkers To Find Balloons
    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency likes to run contests for geeks. Previously they held a robot race in the desert. DARPA is interested now in social networking. The agency recently held a challenge mobilizing thousands of people worldwide to find out how people gather and report information using tools like Twitter. DARPA's Dr. Peter Lee talks to Ari Shapiro about the experiment to find balloons.
  • Airlines Expected To Lose $5.6 Billion Next Year
    International air travel is expected to pick up in the coming year. Even with more passengers flying, rising fuel prices and other pressures are expected to keep airlines in the red. The International Air Transport Association which represents most of the world's airlines is predicting overall losses of about $5.6 billion in 2010.
  • Manhattan's W Hotel Sold At Auction For $2 Million
    When the 200-room W Hotel in New York's Union Square sold at auction for just $2 million, New Yorkers were stunned. In fact, the buyer took on a big chunk of debt from a Dubai company to seal the deal. The eyebrow-raising transaction says a lot about the real estate markets in New York and Dubai.
  • Google To Sell 'Nexus One' New Mobile Phone
    The blogosphere has been buzzing with speculation about Google's plans to sell a mobile phone. Google is still mum despite a number of media reports. It reportedly is called "Nexus One" and employees are said to be testing it.

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