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Morning Edition
Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Michael Swanke just bought his first digital TVConsumers have a year to prepare for digital TV
    The switch to digital-only TV broadcasts is about a year away. The switch will be an especially big deal in Minnesota because about a quarter of households rely on antennas to receive TV signals.7:20 a.m.
  • Utethesis BellaCapturing dark beauties on paper
    The ugly duckling of the Order Lepidoptera is the moth. No butterfly would be caught dead near one. But artist Joseph Scheer parades the hidden beauty of these creatures.7:24 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Sentencing Panel May Cut Crack Cocaine Terms
    Nearly 20,000 people convicted of drug offenses could find out Tuesday if they'll be spending less time in prison. The U.S. Sentencing Commission may reduce the extra punishment that's given for crimes involving crack, as compared to powdered, cocaine. The Supreme Court ruled that federal judges may give lighter sentences to crack cocaine defendants than has been required.
  • In Congress, Complicated Fight to Ease AMT Fears
    One of the top priorities before Congress adjourns for the holidays is a bill that would prevent more than 20 million middle-class Americans from having to pay the alternative minimum tax in 2008. The Senate recently approved a repair to the rule, but neglected to pay for it with spending cuts.
  • Frame by Frame, Animation Moves to India
    As competition in the movie animation industry heats up, Hollywood firms are finding a new work force in India. Video conferencing and Internet technology are bridging the gap and allowing a new kind of intercontinental collaboration.
  • Thousands Bid Farewell to Evel Knievel
    The funeral for daredevil Evel Knievel was held Monday in his hometown of Butte, Mont. Thousands of people came out in tribute to the motorcycle stunt rider who became a cultural icon in the 1960s and '70s.
  • Tensions Run High in Divided Kosovo Town
    As Kosovo's future remains in doubt, the city of Mitrovica, the province's most divided community, is noticeably tense. Members of the Serbian community say they can't live in an independent Kosovo under majority Albanian rule. Albanians driven from the north say they want to return to their homes.
  • A Tourist's Trip to North Korea
    North Korea remains an isolated country. But that hasn't stopped South Korea from investing in North Korean tourism, transportation, and industrial sites. Host Steve Inskeep talks to Morning Edition's Senior Supervising Producer Madhulika Sikka about her visit to the People's Democratic Republic of Korea.
  • Black Is Contrite, Solely About the Share Price
    Conrad Black once ruled the third-largest newspaper business in the world. Now he's heading to jail for six and a half years. The Canadian former newspaper tycoon was convicted of lining his pockets with millions of dollars that should have gone to the company he founded.
  • Harvard Will Extend Aid to Middle Class Students
    Harvard University is significantly expanding its financial aid for middle and upper-middle class families. The changes will lower tuition bills by thousands of dollars for families earning up to $180,000 dollars a year.
  • Fed Rate Cut Expected; Could Bolster Lending
    The Federal Reserve holds its last meeting of 2007 today, where it is expected to announce a cut in interest rates of 25 basis points (a quarter of a percentage point). The cut would be a reversal of the Fed's earlier movement; at the end of October, the it signaled that it didn't expect to cut rates again soon.
  • Might Airlines Banish Frozen Sandwiches?
    Airlines are re-evaluating their menus to make them more "flavorful" and "nutritious," according to a New York Times report. You can now get meals like chilled black olive spaghetti, and orange chicken salad with roasted pecans. Those meals are available for six to eight dollars, on some flights run by US Airways, Midwest and Delta.

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