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Monday, December 7, 2009

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  • Turkey's Ties Raise Concerns In Washington
    Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visits President Obama at the White House Monday. Turkey is building stronger ties with Iran and that has raised concerns in Washington. Also the prime minister heads a party with Islamist roots — a departure from decades of secular leadership in Turkey. That has some asking if the NATO member is titling East at the expense of the West.
  • Impasse Ended, Iraqi Election Can Proceed
    Iraqi lawmakers have passed a long-awaited measure that clears the way for national elections to be held in late February. The White House hailed the move, in part because the election delay had threatened to complicate U.S. plans to start withdrawing American combat forces. The vote came after weeks of dispute that highlighted the country's ethnic and religious divisions.
  • Supreme Court Considers Sarbanes-Oxley Board
    The Supreme Court hears arguments Monday testing the constitutionality of the federal anti-fraud law that grew out of the Enron scandal. At issue is the board Congress created to oversee independent audits of publicly traded companies. The case could overhaul the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.
  • Ohio Attorney General Fights Wall Street Wrongs
    Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray has been in the job for less than a year, but he already is making a name for himself. He has filed multiple lawsuits against major Wall Street financial players. Some say the suits are more of a political move than a financial one.
  • For Black Women, Breast Cancer Strikes Younger
    About one-third of African-American women who get breast cancer are younger than 50, as compared with only one-fifth of white American breast-cancer patients. Health professionals recommend separate guidelines for African-American women: they should get mammograms before age 50 and more frequently.
  • Many Speculate Cost Behind Mammogram Guidelines
    When a government advisory panel last month suggested that women get mammograms less frequently, the reaction was fast and furious. Some people thought it must have been designed to cut costs. The scientists who made the recommendations insist money had nothing to do with their calculations. The question remains, however, would performing fewer mammograms save money?
  • Apple Acquires Music Service Lala
    Apple has purchased a small company that downloads songs more quickly from the Web. The company, uses song-streaming, and the application could change the way we purchase music to play on iPhones and other portable music devices.
  • Cargo Bikes: Go Ahead And Bring The Kitchen Sink
    More Americans are riding bikes to commute. But the need to carry a child, or groceries, can make things complicated. Enter the cargo bike, a long, sturdy cycle that is gaining new popularity in bike-friendly cities like Portland, Ore.
  • Verizon, AT&T End Lawsuits Over Cell Ads
    The two telecommunications giants have been battling against each other's cell phone coverage in television commercials. AT&T and Verizon last week agreed to end lawsuits accusing each other of lying in the TV ads. With the holiday phone-buying season in full swing, the battle of the ads is expected to continue.
  • Obama Urges Democrats To Pass Health Care Bill
    Democratic leader Harry Reid kept senators in Washington for a rare weekend session. They debated amendments and held votes on the sweeping health care legislation. President Obama went to Capitol Hill Sunday to give a private speech and pep talk to Democrats. Lawmakers are set to begin debating a particularly divisive issue in the bill: abortion.

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