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Friday, December 3, 2010

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  • Leaks Cast Doubt Over U.S. Intent On Iran Diplomacy
    Some analysts say diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks give the impression that tough sanctions matter more to the U.S. than striking a deal with Tehran over its nuclear program. But the White House says its engagement strategy is not a ploy and that it will take a serious approach going into talks next week.
  • Cables Shed Light On Complex U.S.-Afghan Ties
    Many of the hurdles have been documented over the past few years, but the leaked diplomatic cables give a sense of the scale of the problem. The cables clearly show how pervasive and corrosive the corruption is, and just how far up the political ladder it reaches.
  • Health Insurance Brokers Fight For Their Future
    The new health law may threaten the future of hundreds of thousands of health insurance brokers. But many brokers are convinced their services are worth the fees lawmakers have blamed for driving up health costs.
  • Ballerina Struggles To Unleash 'Black Swan' Within
    December is Oscar bait season at the movies, when there's a surge of films coming into theaters before the end of the year to qualify for the Academy Awards. One of the movies in that race opens Friday: Black Swan.
  • Scientists Find Bacterium That Survives On Arsenic
    The organism -- gathered from Mono Lake in California -- is able to use the deadly poison in place of an element previously considered essential for life. The finding appears to expand the range of places where life could exist -- both on Earth and elsewhere in the universe.
  • 'Sticky IED' Attacks Increase In Iraq
    In Iraq these days, about 100 IEDs go off each month. Previously, it was about 50. Most of the attacks are in the capital Baghdad, and many of them are what in local parlance are called sticky IEDs -- homemade bombs attached to powerful magnets and stuck to the bottom of cars.
  • U.S. 'Connects The Dots' To Catch Roadside Bombers
    In Iraq and Afghanistan, a new type of military planning rooted in mathematics is key to the U.S. effort to combat IEDs, or improvised explosive devices. Military commanders are turning to the use of social network analysis to identify the key players responsible for the bombs.
  • Nissan Launches Its Electric Car In Japan
    Nissan officially rolled out its much-publicized electric car the Leaf on Friday. The car operates solely on batteries. The price tag will be about $25,000, after a U.S. tax credit. Deliveries start this month in some U.S. states.
  • 'Spam King' To Be Arraigned In Milwaukee
    A 23-year-old Russian man is accused of slowing down hundreds of thousands of computers with unwanted e-mails about deals for watches and sexual performance drugs. He will be in a federal court in Milwaukee Friday to be arraigned.
  • Hello Kitty Hooks Generations On Cute, Kitsch
    This year, Sanrio celebrates its 50th anniversary. One expert says the Japanese company that created Hello Kitty has lasted because of its winning formula: cute and kitschy. Now, a new generation of artists is reinterpreting Sanrio's iconic images.

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