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Thursday, November 18, 2010

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  • Can Deficit Reduction Panels Get Congress' Attention
    President Obama's bipartisan deficit commission last week released recommendations on how to reduce the federal deficit. On Wednesday, members the Rivlin-Domenici group issued their report. A third group, the Peterson Pew Commission on Budget Reform, last week released its report calling for new rules to force Congress to limit borrowing.
  • Dreier: I Want To Do Things In A Bipartisan Way
    When the new Congress begins its session in January, Rep. David Dreier (R-CA) will be chairman of the House Committee on Rules. Dreier talks to Steve Inskeep about how Republicans intend to run the next Congress. Dreier also was named as a member of the GOP Majority Transition Team.
  • Cutting Off Pakistani Safe Havens Key To Afghan Fight
    U.S. troops have been conducting major combat operations in parts of Afghanistan's southeastern Kandahar province, and have managed to disrupt insurgent networks. But it's hard to know how many insurgents escape to Pakistan, lay low for a while and come back.
  • British Business Bank On Royal Wedding
    The upcoming royal wedding is likely to inject some economic optimism into the austerity measures facing Britain. If previous royal events are anything to go by, Britain can now expect a flood of tourists in addition to tons of commemorative souvenirs.
  • Diverse GOP Governors Expect To Attract Voters
    At the annual meeting of the Republican Governors Association, the newly elected -- including two Hispanics, the first Indian-American female governor and Oklahoma's first female governor -- are mingling with veterans, celebrating the "new face" of the party.
  • A Week In The Life Of An Incoming House Freshman
    Bob Gibbs, the Ohio Republican who ousted a Democrat in the November election, spent this week with more than 80 other incoming GOP members of Congress in Washington.
  • Murkowski Wins After Historic Write-In Campaign
    The last undecided Senate race of 2010 finally has a winner. Incumbent Lisa Murkowski has become the first senator in more than 50 years to win a write-in campaign.
  • International Officials Examine Irish Debt Crisis
    Financial officials will be taking a close look at Ireland's broken banking system. A big part of their mission is to restore confidence in the bond market and stop Ireland's malaise from spreading to other eurozone nations.
  • After Decades, Fiat Returns To U.S. Auto Market
    The Italian automaker unveiled two Fiat 500s at the Los Angeles Auto Show Wednesday. It's been 27 years since Fiat cars were sold in the U.S.
  • Japanese Vending Machine Uses Facial Recognition
    A new Japanese canned drink vending machine uses facial recognition technology to "recommend" drinks based on the customer's age and gender. Sales have increased over those from regular vending machines.

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