Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Thursday, November 16, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Living wage eyed for St. Paul
    St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman says he supports a plan to impose a living wage requirement on businesses receiving city contracts. The ordinance, which was introduced yesterday, has wide support from City Council members, but the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce is voicing concern about the proposal. Minnesota Public Radio's Marisa Helms reports.7:10 a.m.
  • A tale of two tailsWill the US Airways-Delta merger push NWA into the arms of another airline?
    US Airways' bid to buy bankrupt Delta Air Lines is fueling speculation about possible suitors for Eagan-based Northwest Airlines. But analysts disagree about what's the most likely outcome.7:20 a.m.
  • Cordova and del Rosario"Chasing Windmills" is pretty hard work
    Lately a camera crew has been working--working very hard--in downtown Minneapolis. They're making a drama called "Chasing Windmills" that's posted every weekday on the World Wide Web.7:45 a.m.
  • Vlogging profiles of Minnesota artists
    Local artist and Best Community Video Blog Vloggy recipient, Chuck Olsen, profiles Minnesota artists7:52 a.m.
  • Holiday arts season
    Cathy Wurzer talks with Morning Edition's arts commentator Dominic Papatola about holiday offerings in the arts communmity.8:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Murtha Bid for House Leadership Post Faces Opposition
    Democrats in the House of Representatives meet Thursday to elect leaders for the upcoming Congress. California's Nancy Pelosi is set to become speaker of the House. She's endorsed Pennsylvania's John Murtha to be the majority leader. But critics have raised questions about whether Murtha is the best person to end the culture of corruption in Washington.
  • Trent Lott Returns to the Spotlight with Whip Win
    Senate Republican leaders met behind closed doors Wednesday and chose Mississippi's Trent Lott as Minority Whip. Lott stepped down from the position of majority leader four years ago after making racially insensitive comments.
  • Congolese Wary of Violence After Kabila Victory
    President Joseph Kabila has won a tense runoff election in the Congo. Supporters of opponent Jean-Pierre Bemba claim fraud gave Kabila the win. Some are threatening violence. Civilians will be the ones caught in the crossfire if there is a return to fighting in the country.
  • Listeners: Political Interviews, RPS, Yucatec
    Listeners this week commented on our political interviews, on our coverage of the game rock, paper, scissors and on the Yucatec language.
  • Seattle at Odds with NBA Team on Arena Upgrade
    The owners of the Seattle SuperSonics say they'll have to move the team away from Seattle unless their arena is expanded and remodeled. The team's threat to leave didn't push voters to support the funding. A ballot initiative last week bans public subsidies for pro-teams unless the subsidies generate "profits" for the city.
  • Teaching Kids the Science of Calories
    Everyone has a rough idea about which foods are high in calories, but one veteran science teacher in Philadelphia is teaching fourth graders the science of calculating them.
  • For Teens, 'Healthy' and 'Diet' Aren't the Same
    High school junior Karime Blanco says a few of her friends have decided to eat healthy -- but not necessarily because they want to improve their health.
  • Hertz Shares Offered to the Market
    Hertz rental car company is going public Thursday. A private equity firm has owned the company for less than a year.
  • Airline Outlook Improves, While Uncertainties Remain
    This year could be a turning point for the airline industry. Two older established carriers, American and Continental, are about to make a profit for the first time in six years. But all of them face major challenges, from labor unrest to volatile fuel expenses.
  • Airlines Plan iPod Integration for Planes
    iPods are taking to the skies. Several airliners plan to make their flights iPod friendly.

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