Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Thursday, November 5, 2009

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Gov. Tim PawlentyPawlenty seeks big bucks for new campaign fund
    The bank account for Gov. Tim Pawlenty's new national political action committee is a little bit bigger after roughly 300 people attended a fundraiser for Pawlenty's Freedom First PAC in Minneapolis Wednesday night.7:20 a.m.
  • Cutting ash treesSt. Paul takes emerald ash borer battle to the streets
    It was a taste of what's to come for other neighborhoods, as the city fights back against the Emerald ash borer, when people on a street in St. Paul, not far from the Fairgrounds, watched their ash trees coming down Wednesday.7:45 a.m.
  • Art HoundsArt Hounds
    Each week Minnesota Public Radio News asks three people from the Minnesota arts scene to be "Art Hounds." Their job is to step outside their own work and hunt down something exciting that's going on in local arts.8:25 a.m.
  • Whitetail buckDNR says deer poaching on the rise in Minnesota
    The DNR says poaching is on the increase and poachers kill hundreds of deer illegally every year, some for money, some apparently just for fun.8:40 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Italian Judge Convicts 23 Americans In Kidnap Case
    An Italian judge has found 23 Americans and two Italians guilty of the 2003 kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric from Milan. The Americans were convicted in absentia. The trial was the first in the world on extraordinary rendition. That's the CIA practice of capturing terrorism suspects in one country and taking them for questioning to another, where torture is often practiced.
  • Afghan Review Gives Obama Leverage Over Karzai
    President Obama is reviewing U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. While he does that, a member of an independent think tank believes Obama should use the review as leverage to force Afghan President Karzai to clean up government corruption. Andrew Exum, a fellow at the Center for a New American Security, talks with Renee Montagne about the leverage the White House has.
  • Harold Evans: A Long Career Of Chasing Stories
    The British journalist talks with Steve Inskeep about his tenure as editor of the Sunday Times in London and his crusade to maintain journalism's commitment to public good. Evans has a new memoir called My Paper Chase: True Stories of Vanished Times.
  • Game 6: Yankees Clinch Series Title Over Phillies
    The New York Yankees have won their 27th World Series. They beat the Philadelphia Phillies 7-3 in Game 6. Yankees designated hitter Hideki Matsui tied a 49-year-old World Series record by driving in six runs and was named Series MVP.
  • GOP Strategist: Obama Honeymoon Is Over
    Democrats lost two governor's seats this week in New Jersey and Virginia. GOP political consultant Mike Murphy tells Steve Inskeep that Republicans gained confidence and renewed energy from those wins. But the biggest thing they learned is that the voters' honeymoon with President Obama is over.
  • Former Silicon Valley CEO Targets Boxer's Senate Seat
    Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has announced she's running as a Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate from California. The seat is held by Democrat Barbara Boxer. Fiorina first has to win the primary against state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.
  • Toyota Returns To Profit, Stimulus Boost Sales
    Toyota Motor has announced a surprise profit last quarter. The world's largest car company attributed the unexpected good news to government measures aimed at boosting sales of environmentally-friendly cars and other vehicles. Toyota is expected to be in the red for its current financial year, but those losses are expected to be only about half of what was previously forecast.
  • Cuomo Accuses Intel Of Antitrust Violations
    Computer chip giant Intel is the target of an antitrust suit filed by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Intel commands about 80 percent of the microprocessor market. An Intel spokesman denies the charges and says the company's sales practices were legitimate.
  • Senate Extends Jobless Benefits, Homebuyer Credit
    The Senate has voted to extend unemployment insurance benefits for up to 20 weeks. The 24 billion dollar bill also expands an eight thousand dollar tax credit for first-time homebuyers. The legislation is expected to sail through the House.
  • Beatles Music Available On Special-Edition USB Drive
    The company that owns the Beatles music has been highly protective of the songs. It hasn't allowed them to be sold on iTunes, or downloaded on the Internet. But Apple Corps. is inching toward the digital future. It's gotten together with music label EMI; and next month they plan to sell a USB drive loaded with 14 digitally remastered Beatles albums.

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