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Thursday, October 26, 2006

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  • N.J. Court Clears the Way for Same-Sex Marriage
    New Jersey's legislature has six months to either grant gay couples the right to marry, or come up with another civil-union type system, after the state's highest court ruled Wednesday that homosexual couples are due all of the rights accorded to heterosexual couples.
  • Virginia Senate Race Too Close to Call
    The hotly contested U.S. Senate race in Virginia between Sen. George Allen and Democratic challenger James Webb looks likely to turn on the votes of independents in northern Virginia.
  • U.S. Balances Relationships with Pakistan, India
    Pakistan initially declined to allow a plane carrying an American commander the use of its airspace for a trip to India. The incident illustrates both the level of tension between India and Pakistan and Pakistan's limitations as an ally.
  • Letters: Deford on Tag, 'Generation Next'
    Many listeners were delighted by Frank Deford's commentary Wednesday. Frank ridiculed school bans on games like tag, because they are physically and emotionally hazardous. Some listeners were less delighted with a story in our series "Generation Next" featuring video game marketer Brendan Docherty.
  • Sgt. Killed in Iraq Was Driven to Protect Others
    The Army has announced that Alaska's 172nd Stryker Brigade will finally be headed home by Christmas. But five men in that unit won't be returning home. They were killed during their extended tour of battle. The first to die was Sgt. Eugene Alex.
  • CDC Recommends Shingles Vaccine, Citing Risks
    Shingles is a viral disease most common among older adults. A group of expert advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending everyone age 60 and older get a new vaccine against shingles. The CDC's Dr. Rafael Harpaz says the disease can be extremely painful. "It can last for months and sometimes even years. It can be really life-shattering."
  • New Options for Soothing Arthritis Pain
    Osteoarthritis is one of the nation's leading causes of disability, affecting approximately 20 million adults. There's no cure, but there are new treatments for easing pain, such as a lubricating fluid and an implant that cushions joints.
  • Federal Reserve Holds Steady on Interest Rate
    The Federal Reserve's interest rate policymakers met and, once again, decided to leave a key interest rate alone. Short-term interest rates will remain at 5.25 percent.
  • Boeing Profits Decline in Third Quarter
    Boeing posted a 31 percent decline in third-quarter earnings Wednesday. Some on Wall Street are concerned that will mean higher costs for Boeing's much-awaited 787 jet.
  • OPEC Tightens Taps to Shore Up Oil Prices
    Although Exxon Mobil Corp. announced profits of more than $10 billion for the second quarter, the price of oil has been dropping. OPEC is looking to shore up a price that has fallen from a $78 high in July to around $61. But the cartel's power is only as strong as its members' resolve to stick to production quotas.

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