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Morning Edition
Thursday, October 3, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Rep. Erik PaulsenWhy is the medical device tax seen as a shutdown solution?
    There's not much progress towards a resolution to the partial federal government shutdown as it enters its third day. But one possible area where Democrats and Republicans could find some common ground appears to be on the medical device tax that helps pay for the Affordable Care Act.6:40 a.m.
  • Mike ObermuellerGovernment shutdown a likely issue in 2014 campaign
    Democrats and Republicans blame each other for the first federal government shutdown in 17 years, but they're also asking themselves who will voters blame in next year's Congressional elections?6:45 a.m.
  • Michele and Marcus BachmannWhat's behind the Bachmann presidential campaign aide's surprise resignation?
    A former presidential campaign aide to Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has resigned his seat in the Iowa State Senate after an investigation found it likely that he broke Senate ethics rules. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with the chairman of Iowa's Senate Ethics Committee, Sen. Wally Horn about the matter.7:20 a.m.
  • MNsure websiteProblems using MNsure? Officials urge patience
    MNsure officials say that consumers shopping for health care have created more than 2,500 accounts. But frustration about enrollment glitches for some is spreading to the health insurance industry and social service providers.7:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Why A Handful Of Hard-Liners Has A Hold On Boehner
    To understand House Speaker John Boehner's role in the government shutdown, you have to understand the 30 or so House Republican hard-liners and his relationship with them. Because Republicans have a relatively slim majority in the House, the 30 have more power than their numbers would make it seem.
  • Reid's Tough Tactics In Shutdown Drama Draw Notice
    As the leader of Senate Democrats, Harry Reid has been in a lot of fights — but this one may be different, in that Reid has drawn a line. After a meeting with other congressional leaders and President Obama on Wednesday, Reid said: "The one thing we made very clear ... we are locked in tight on Obamacare."
  • Israel Eases Restriction On Building Materials To Gaza Strip
    The Egyptian military operation to destroy most of the tunnels used to smuggle goods into neighboring Gaza has led to a shortage of cheap fuel and building materials. It also has led to more sewage flowing into the sea. Change is afoot, however, for the first time in six years.
  • From Therapy Dogs To New Patients, Federal Shutdown Hits NIH
    The Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland is often the last resort for patients who have mysterious, rare or terminal diseases. Patients sometimes call it the "House of Hope." But the government shutdown may mean that prospective patients will be turned away.
  • Colo. Flooding Challenges Small Business Owners In Lyons
    Flooding in Colorado has taken a toll on the state's small businesses. In the small town of Lyons, the road to recovery looks especially long. Businesses there not only need to repair damage, but also stay afloat for as long as six months without much of their customer base. That's because damaged water and sewage lines have made many parts of town unlivable.
  • While Others Underfunded Pensions, Milwaukee Held Firm
    Nationwide, many cash-strapped cities have raided funds intended for retirees or have chronically underfunded their pension systems. But despite a budget crunch, Milwaukee's fund has consistently ranked among the nation's top pension programs. Even so, some changes lie ahead for city workers.
  • Back To Work After A Baby, But Without Health Insurance
    Pardit Pri left her job as a legal assistant when she had a baby. She thought she'd be able to find a new job with health insurance, but so far has found only contract work with no benefits. She's not sure if her state's new health exchange will make sense for her, given her uncertain income.
  • Court Ordered To Review BP Payout Formula
    The oil giant has won a partial victory after a U.S. appeals court halted some payments related to the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a key win for BP which had complained that the payout formula was too generous, and compensated people that were not harmed. Billions of dollars in claims were filed by businesses and individuals in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon spill.
  • Fashion Designer Mark Jacobs To Leave Louis Vuitton
    After 16 years at Louis Vuitton, Mark Jacobs is expected to focus on an eventual IPO for his own brand, which could come within three years. Investors are interested, partly because the designer Michael Kors had a public offering in 2011, and since then shares have tripled in value.
  • The Man Behind The Shadowy Illicit Drug Market, Silk Road
    Federal agents arrested Ross Ulbricht, 29, known as "Dread Pirate Roberts," and took $3.6 million in Bitcoin. They're calling it the largest seizure of the popular digital currency in history.

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