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Monday, October 2, 2006

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  • Colin Powell Comes into Focus in New Book
    Former Secretary of State Colin Powell remains one of the most popular members of the Bush administration, long after departing government service. Washington Post journalist Karen DeYoung details Powell's life of service in her new book, Soldier: The Life of Colin Powell.
  • Brazil Presidential Election Goes to Runoff
    In a stunning setback, Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was denied re-election Sunday. Lula finished first in the national ballot, receiving 48 percent of the vote. But that was shy of the 50 percent needed to win outright and avoid a runoff. Now he'll face the second-place challenger, a former Sao Paulo governor.
  • Remaking the New Orleans School System
    A look at the remade New Orleans school system, a patchwork of schools run by the state, charter organizations, and what's left of the school district.
  • New Jersey Farmers Hit by Spinach Fears
    E. coli-tainted spinach from California is causing problems for farmers in New Jersey. The East Coast state is the nation's fourth-largest producer of spinach. The crop is ready, but growers say consumers are now wary of all spinach.
  • Kurdish Ties Strengthen Across Iraq-Turkey Border
    The Kurds of northern Iraq say they will no longer fly the Iraqi flag, prompting criticism from neighboring Turkey. The Turkish government has previously threatened to go to war to stop Iraqi Kurds from creating an independent state. The rhetoric has done little, however, to stop growing economic and cultural ties between ordinary Kurds on both sides of the border.
  • A Jewish Soldier Witnesses Nuremberg
    Commentator Clancy Sigal was a sergeant in the American army of occupation in Germany, the only Jew in his unit. He remembers vividly his visit to the Nuremberg Trials.
  • Computer Pioneer Steve Wozniak Tells His Story
    Personal-computer pioneer Steve Wozniak has written an autobiography, iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon. Wozniak was a co-founder of Apple Computer. Today, he still follows his own innovative path.
  • Investors Look for Continuing Market Strength
    The stock market just finished its strongest third-quarter in nine years. Now investors are trying to measure their prospects for the final three months of the year. The market will be watching a couple of major economic reports, and a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.
  • Watch Puts Caller-ID on Your Wrist
    Sony Ericcson and Fossil are joining forces to create a watch that tells you who's calling your cell phone. The watch allows wearers to decide whether to take a call, without looking at their phone.
  • Foley Allegations Unsettle Congress
    Democratic members of Congress are asking what the Republican leadership knew, and when, of allegations against Rep. Mark Foley of Florida. Foley abruptly resigned Friday after ABC News confronted the Republican with sexually explicit electronic communications he allegedly sent to teenage boys.

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