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Friday, September 28, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • SWAT teamFive dead in Minneapolis shooting rampage
    Five people are confirmed dead in what Minneapolis police are calling one of the worst shooting scenes in the city's history. Reuven Rahamim, the owner of Accent Signage Systems Inc., where the shooting took place, was among the victims. UPS driver Keith Basinski also died.6:20 a.m.
  • Mark SeeleyMeteorologist Mark Seeely discusses weather trends
    University of Minnesota Meteorologist Mark Seeley talks with Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer about the preliminary September weather data and the continuing dry weather.6:50 a.m.
  • R.T. RybakMayor R.T. Rybak on the shootings in Minneapolis
    Five people died and four others wounded in the aftermath of a shooting Thursday at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis. Among those killed was the president and founder of the company Reuven Rahamim. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak about the shooting and Rahamim.7:20 a.m.
  • Green cardVisas in exchange for foreign investments
    Twenty northwest Minnesota counties are working with North Dakota to attract foreign investment to the region. The EB5 program rewards foreign investment with a green card. Minnesota is one of a handful of states that does not have an EB5 center. Winning the trust of foreign investors can be a challenge, but can also bring big benefits.7:25 a.m.
  • Minnesota OrchestraSPCO, Minn. Orchestra contracts expire this weekend
    After months of negotiation, and little progress, both the Minnesota Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra face contract deadlines with their musicians this weekend.7:40 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Syrian Rebels Work To Restore Order To Border Town
    Rebels trying to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad are making slow but steady gains in securing an incrementally larger safe zone in the north. They've captured a third major border crossing between Syria and Turkey. The rebels are trying to restore services to a recently liberated town.
  • Tunisians Battle Over The Meaning Of Free Expression
    Hard-line Muslims have lashed out in several instances when they believe their religion has been insulted. Secular Tunisians have pushed back, staging demonstrations themselves. In some instances, violence has erupted.
  • Easy Money May Boost Economy But At What Cost?
    Central banks in the U.S., Japan and Europe are easing credit, putting more money into the global economy. Some economists see these actions as necessary and appropriate. Others warn that it may actually restrict the flow of cash.
  • Voter's Words That Sparked A Debate Are Clarified
    Morning Edition follows up on a story that prompted some debate among our listeners when it first aired a month ago. It was a quote from a voter in Indianapolis about the President and Mrs. Obama. On Thursday, NPR's Ari Shapiro ran into the same voter halfway across the country and followed up with her.
  • NASA's Curiosity Finds Water Once Flowed On Mars
    NASA's newest Mars rover snapped photos of rocky outcroppings that jut out from the alien soil. Scientists say they look like the remnants of an ancient stream bed where water once flowed on the surface of the red planet.
  • Rowling Draws On Personal Experience In 'Vacancy'
    Steve Inskeep talks to author J.K. Rowling in the second part of the interview on Morning Edition looking at her new novel The Casual Vacancy. The character of Krystal, a troubled teenager, grows out of Rowling's observations as a teacher.
  • 'Looper' Is 'Wild' And 'Wears Its Crazy Lightly'
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis star as the present and future versions of a skilled assassin in Rian Johnson's mind-bending thriller Looper. Not to be missed is Jeff Daniels, who gives an electric performance as Abe, a man from the future fed up with living in the past
  • PNC Bank's Website Is Victim Of Cyber Attack
    PNC Bank says its website is the latest victim of a denial of service attack. Users who tried to access the bank's websites had trouble loading the pages, or couldn't get into their accounts. But officials say the accounts were not compromised.
  • Hiring Outlook For College Graduates Improves
    The report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers says hiring for the upcoming class of graduates will jump 13 percent from a year ago. But the improvement won't get the job market for new grads back to where it was before the recession.
  • Spain's Budget Cuts Likely To Provoke Protests
    Europe has offered Spain up to $125 billion to recapitalize its banks. Shoring up its banks is one step Spain is taking to prevent economic collapse. The other step is to slash more than $50 billion from its budget to get spending down within legal limits set by the E.U.

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