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Morning Edition
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Jerry McAfeeBlack voters may back Obama and marriage amendment
    Minnesota Democrats and President Barack Obama's reelection campaign face a conundrum this election cycle. On the one hand, they are counting on heavy support and turnout in the black community. But on the other hand, many members of that same community support the proposed state constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage -- an amendment the Democrats oppose.6:40 a.m.
  • Sorting applesTough harvest this year for Minnesota apple growers
    Apple lovers may have a hard time finding locally-grown Honeycrisp apples this year. Unusually warm weather in March and hard frost in April killed off apple blossoms. The thousands of apples that remained on trees were damaged by summer hail storms and drought.7:20 a.m.
  • Magney-Snively ForestTrees in Minnesota are highly stressed by the drought
    You might have noticed that Minnesota's fall leaves have been less spectacular than usual this year. That's because the extreme drought covering much of the state is also weakening trees in Minnesota's forests.7:25 a.m.
  • Congressional panel probes St. Paul, DOJ housing discrimination cases
    The Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee as launched a probe into a pair of federal lawsuits in St. Paul after four House members accused the Obama administration's Department of Justice of obstructing justice in two discrimination cases, with the city's help.7:40 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Obama, Romney Campaign In Must-Win Ohio
    Ohio is in the political spotlight Wednesday. President Obama will be stopping at college towns, courting the young voters who helped him win Ohio four years ago. GOP challenger Mitt Romney is finishing a bus tour that kicked off earlier this week by his running mate Paul Ryan.
  • Libertarian Candidate Could Be Election Spoiler
    Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in November in at least 47 states. The former Republican governor of New Mexico isn't likely to win any of them. But he just might siphon off enough votes from one of the other candidates to affect the outcome.
  • Amtrak Tests Faster Trains In Northeast Corridor
    Amtrak's Acela Express trains are breaking the speed limit along some stretches in the Northeast corridor. The company it testing how its trains and tracks perform at speeds up to 165 mph. Tests are happening along four isolated stretches of track in Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusett
  • How Food And Clothing Size Labels Affect What We Eat And What We Wear
    How do we pick what to eat and what to wear? It's not comfort or hunger — it's all in the label. Food and clothing labeled small appeal to most of us, even when the labels lie, a marketing professor says.
  • Milwaukee PD Suspect Dies, Feds May Investigate
    The U.S. Attorney in Milwaukee says he's considering looking into a possible pattern of civil rights abuses by the Milwaukee Police Department. A video shows an African-American man in police custody pleading for help, and police scolding him. The man later died.
  • After 48 Years Of War, Colombians Plan Peace Talks
    Colombia's government has announced peace talks with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a Marxist insurgency that has been fighting a brutal conflict for nearly five decades. But memories of previous, unsuccessful attempts at peace are still fresh for civilians in the rebels' mountainous heartland.
  • Liberia To Investigate Logging Of Rainforests
    A report by the non-governmental organization Global Witness says more than 60 percent of the West African nation's rainforests have been granted to logging companies in the past six years. The group has found evidence of fraud and misconduct within Liberia's logging sector.
  • Ford Announes Job Cuts In Europe
    Sales in the European Union are down 12 percent this year and Bloomberg reports "a few hundred" workers, mostly in Germany and the United Kingdom will be getting the axe. And pioneering electric car maker Tesla Motors has announced it's selling 5 million shares to raise much needed cash.
  • Economy's Holiday Wish List: Buy Big-Ticket Items
    Several large retailers are hiring ten of thousands of people for the upcoming holiday shopping season. But analysts say sales of small-ticket items won't give the economy the jolt that big-ticket items would.
  • Lesser-Known IPOs Fare Better Than Facebook's
    Steve Inskeep talks to Linda Killian, of Renaissance Capita, about some lesser known initial public offerings that are proving more successful than Facebook's IPO. The social networking company's share price has lost almost 50 percent of its value since going public in the spring.

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