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Friday, September 3, 2010

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  • 'Recovery Summer' Ends With Economic Pothole
    This was supposed to be the season the economy heated up, thanks to a wave of public works projects funded by the government's stimulus program. But summer is coming to an end and the recovery has not taken root. Forecasters are expecting another gloomy employment report on Friday.
  • Study: Cash For Clunkers Was A Wash
    The program didn't bring any new buyers into the market, a study found. But it encouraged people who would have bought a car anyway to make a purchase a few months sooner.
  • Bidding Farewell To The Congo's 'Mother And Father'
    As a long Congo River barge journey ends, so, too, does a unique glimpse into the heart of a poor but potentially rich nation grappling with conflict. Despite the hardship, the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo draw great inspiration from the inescapable and mighty river.
  • Feds Sue Arizona Sheriff In Immigration Probe
    After months of political posturing on both sides, the Justice Department's civil rights division is suing Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio for failing to turn over arrest records and other materials the government wants as part of a broad investigation into Maricopa County's treatment of Hispanics.
  • Investigators Probe Gulf Oil Platform Fire
    Investigators still don't know what caused an oil platform to catch fire Thursday in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast. All 13 crew members were rescued. It was an eerie reminder of the BP oil well explosion that gushed crude into the Gulf for more than three months.
  • Gulf Coast Communities Investigate Oily Sea Mist
    With so many unanswered questions about the lingering effects of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, coastal communities are turning to independent scientists for answers. In Orange Beach, Ala., officials are having the air, water and soil tested to check for toxins from the BP spill.
  • 'The American': A Domestic Bond, Drawn In Miniature
    George Clooney's latest outing showcases a more internal performance -- as an assassin whose personal life threatens to further complicate an already hard-to-manage career. Kenneth Turan says Anton Corbijn's drama is impeccably composed and beautifully shot -- if a little lacking on the emotional urgency front.
  • BP Oil Spill Costs Hit $8 Billion
    BP says so far it's spent $8 billion responding to the disastrous oil well blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. The company says the total includes $399 million paid to settle 127,000 claims from businesses and others affected by the oil spill.
  • Bidding War Over 3Par Ends, HP Wins
    The high stakes bidding war between HP and Dell is over. HP will pay more than $2 billion for a California company called 3Par that specializes in digital data storage.
  • Wyoming Mining Hopes Rise With Gold Prices
    Gold prices continue to soar and the precious metal is a favored investment of notables ranging from George Soros to TV talk show host Glenn Beck. That's led to a gold rush in places like the Rattlesnake Hills of Wyoming.

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