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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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  • Evacuees Prepare To Return As Gustav Passes
    Gustav is no longer a hurricane, but that doesn't mean all is well yet for residents of the Gulf Coast. Millions are still far from home in shelters across the region. One such shelter is a gymnasium in Shreveport, La., that has become home to about 800 people.
  • Post-Gustav New Orleans Nothing Like Post-Katrina
    The brunt of the storm largely missed New Orleans this time around. As Hurricane Gustav was losing steam, people who stayed behind as others evacuated surveyed the damage.
  • McCain Fundraising Surges After Palin Named VP
    Sarah Palin was thought to be a pick of potentially high risk and high reward when she was named John McCain's running mate. So far, the reward has been that she has galvanized the base and boosted the campaign's fundraising. But the potential risks of a largely unknown candidate also were on display Monday.
  • Obama Changes Labor Day Plans As Gustav Hits
    Hurricane Gustav sent Gulf Coast residents, as well as the presidential candidates, scrambling this week. The first day of the GOP convention was muted and largely procedural. And Democrat Barack Obama altered his course as well as his tone on a day when candidates usually make a point to visit a big city with a lot of union jobs.
  • Thai Protests Prompt Declaration Of Emergency
    The prime minister of Thailand declared a state of emergency Tuesday in the capital, Bangkok. For a week, thousands of anti-government protesters have camped on the grounds of the prime minister's office and have refused to move until he resigns.
  • GOP's Challenges Mount In Congressional Elections
    Republicans are looking to John McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, to lead the party to victory not only in the presidential race, but in Congressional races, too. But the Democratic Congressional Committee has raised millions more in campaign funds than its Republican counterpart, and 33 Republican seats will be up for grabs.
  • GOP Wants To Turn Minnesota Red With RNC
    Although the upper Midwest arguably was the birthplace of the Republican Party, Minnesota has not favored the GOP in a presidential election since 1976. But with an influx of newcomers and a popular Republican governor, the party is hopeful that the convention can woo voters.
  • Korean Bank In Talks With Lehman Brothers
    A government bank in Korea confirmed Tuesday that it's in talks with Lehman Brothers about the possibility of buying a stake in the Wall Street securities firm. Lehman has been hit hard by the mortgage crisis and is under pressure to boost its finances. Officials at the Korea Development Bank won't say how much they might invest. One media report said it could be as much as $6 billion.
  • Google Launches 'Chrome' Free Web Browser
    Details leaked out early about Google's first Web browser, which the company is releasing Tuesday in 100 countries. The browser, called Chrome, is expected to challenge the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
  • Old Wells Rouse Dormant Tennessee Oil Industry
    With oil prices soaring, Ky-Tenn Oil Inc. is digging deep to find forgotten profits, reactivating low-producing wells to eke out the last 150 barrels or so.

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